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Bobbie and Fran Beaudet Working hard and enjoying every minute of it! Written By Crystal Han T he thought of owning and running a restaurant can be daunting for some. For Fran and Bobby Beaudet, who own the Old City Hall Restaurant, it is a lifelong passion that they wouldn’t dream of leaving. “Sometimes I think about the question, ‘What would you do if you only had six months to live?’. For me, it’s simple. I’d work,” Fran smiled. Fran and Bobby have been involved in the restaurant business almost all of their lives. Forty-three years ago, Fran started out working as a crew person for Carl’s Jr. She worked her way up to Director of Operations and she now oversees eight locations in and around the Monterey Bay area. For Bobby, who builds restaurants, his introduction to the business came very early in life. His father was a general contractor and from the age of eight Bobby worked for him, learning the tricks of the trade. “I used to get fired about five times a week from my dad,” Bobby laughs. The lessons he learned from his father have stayed with him and now he builds restaurants for 60 companies in nine states! In addition to their main jobs, Bobby and Fran have owned 72 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN and operated several restaurants over the years. They started out with Dutchman’s Pizza, which they ran for 12 years, and then they brought and sold the Krazy Koyote Bar & Grill, both located in Gilroy. Their daughter’s love for baking cupcakes actually prompted the couple to buy Station 55 Bar & Grill to give her a venue for sales. Two years into owning Station 55, Bobby and Fran bought what is now the Old City Hall Restaurant and for a year and a half they ran both restaurants. Eventually they sold Station 55 to focus primarily on the Old City Hall Restaurant. From the start, the Old City Hall Restaurant has been an incredibly fun venture, so much so that they often joke that it isn’t a real job. The building has a rich history, much of which can still be seen on the walls and in its spacious rooms. Fran and Bobby enjoy listening to the stories that many of their customers have to share. “Some of Gilroy’s older residents will come by and tell us stories like ‘my uncle was in jail here’ or we’ll have wedding anni- versaries here and the couple will tell us how they were married in this building, back when it was still City Hall,” said Fran. There has even been talk of a resident ghost that has been known to occasionally wander through the building! JULY / AUGUST 2015