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BUSINESS NEWS Sunshine Bicycles T he owners of Sunshine Bicycles are bicycle people who have been fortunate enough to do what they love doing since opening their doors in 1976. If you ask them why they have had such a long track record of success when so many other bicycle shops have come and gone, they will give you two reasons. First, they are tenacious. They don’t give up. They work hard at what they do in order to provide quality products. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, it’s the way they treat their customers. They treat every individual who walks through their doors with the utmost respect. Sunshine Bicycles is a full service store with a good reputation and they have worked hard to earn it. They will do their best to meet and exceed your service and repair expectations at the lowest possible prices. If something can’t be properly repaired, they will tell you, then recommend a new part. They stand behind their work and want to build a long term relationship with their clientele. Sunshine Bicycles carry the best bicycles and accessories available. These are brands that have a long track record with exceptional products and warranties. Their store is located at 311 First Street here in Gilroy. Online: One to Another Thrift Shop Miss Ooh Lala Y our little one may get treated like a princess at home, but nothing tops the royal treatment experience at Miss Ooh Lala. Miss Ooh Lala was started a year ago with the idea of creating a different party experience for girls between the ages of 4-13 and has become the new sensation in girl’s parties. The fairy tale surroundings take on a magical quality and it becomes a place for special treatment with dancing, dress-up, and pampering. It is a one of a kind destination for birthday parties where girls can be girls and a place where parents can reward them for good grades, accomplishments or mile- stones in their child’s life. First stop for the royal guest is the glamorous salon area where they get their hair, nails, and makeup done. The fun continues as guests pick out accessories on their way to the Party area: Tutu dresses, wings, and boas to pick from. The party doesn’t stop there as there is still karaoke and dancing on the lit-up stage. Afterwards, the royal guests enjoy treats in the Tea Room to conclude their magical day. Whether your princess is celebrat- ing her birthday, a girls’ day, or simply a fun afternoon of pampering with her friends, our priority is making each event an unforget F&RRFWf'v&BFrW"v&( 2G&V06RG'VR6FVBBsSsFW&W7G&VWBƖS֗726t$( "$t( "4%DथTŒTuU5B#PWrF&gB7F&RFB&V6VFǒVV@v&2&VVrVFRখ7BFR6VGRFFW"F&gB66FVBB3f'7@7G&VWBVB"VBG2w&BVrF07BFV6V&W"B2VVBw&V@7W'Bg&FR6VGvRBFP6RFRvfr&6FR7F&RV2VVR&6FG2'W6W727G&FVw0Bf7W6W26VǒvVƗGFV2vPFrff&F&R&6W2F27G&FVw2BFfFVG2RFFW"ƖRFW"6F&g@7F&W26V2vFR&vRbFV2g&Ц6FrFgW&GW&RFF2&2@&RBWBFW&R26V6&RFFP7F&R76&VB'v&( 2V6BfW6W&6RFFW"W6W26vf6@'FbG2&6VVG2F7W'B6WfW&v&6&FW2( W"6W&6B&VVrf"vFR&vvW"7BW"6VGBRFFW"2&V6RFBv( Ч6B7F"V6'&66( vR7G&fRFF6VvV&v旦VB7F&R@vFvFW&gVw&WbfVFVW"v&W'22vV2VƗGFF2g&6&W6FVG2v^( fR&VV&RF6WBW'6VfW0F&VǒVF6RVVB( ЦvևFF6УS