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In The Garden How to protect your trees during the drought! T rees are one of the most expensive plants in your landscape. Not just because of the replacement cost, which replacement of an established large tree can run up to $20,000, but because it provides a canopy to reduce energy use by keeping you house cool during the summer, they provide wildlife habitats and produce oxygen for you family. We all need to conserve water during this drought but let’s not cut off our nose despite our face. Our lawn, shrubs and trees can survive with the allotted 1 to 2 times a week of water but if we just stop watering all together it’s going to run much more than the rebate of $2 a square foot in cost. Not just monetary but environmental costs as well. Steps To Take To Save Your Trees • Deeply irrigate your trees on the allotted days to water. • If renovating protect major roots near the soil surface. Removal of roots should be kept to an absolute minimum. • Trenching under the canopy of the tree should be avoided. * Water the tree to survive! Placing 4 drip emitters near the trunk of a mature tree is not sufficient. Qɥѥ)͡ձɽ٥݅ѕȁѡɽ՝ЁѡɽЁ齹ѕ)役Ѽ܁ȁѡɔɽѠ䁅ЁЁݼ)ѥ́ѡѕȁѡɕ䤸Ёմ)ԁɔѥ܁ɥѥɔѡɥ齹)ٕ̀ѡɕѼ锁ɕ̸+$IȁɕЁ݅ѕȁЁ́ЁЁ)Ս́ЁݡɔЁ́+$5ձȁ͍ѼѡɔLȴϊt)ɬЁÊtɽչѡ͔ѡɕȁ)ձѼɕٕЁɽ́ݥѠչ̸)ɽ՝ЁɑQ+$ѥ锁ݥѠ܁ɽѥ́ȁݸ)ɑ+$U͔ 0 4մѼɕȁɽչ)Ѽɕٔѡ݅ѕȁԁɔѥݸ+$5ձݥѠȴϊtɬձ+$5܁ȁݸЀȸԴϊt) ՝ЁѼԁɑ)%ɕȁɥѥѕeЁɝЁѼ)ݽɬЁѕȁѕ́ѡ䁡ٔ݅)UͥMՈMəɥɥѥ́ٔͅԁѼ)݅ѕȁȁݸɑ(ԁ1ٕՔظԃɑ̹)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8))U1dUUMP)ѽ乍(