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Martin Murphy girls softball team won the Section Championship for the SCCESJHCA. Live Oak Senior Justin Shumate with parents and Principal Webb National Merit Scholar, Gold Cord, Golden State Seal of Biliteracy and Golden State Seal Merit Diploma. At Morgan Hill’s Annual Citywide Science Fair, judges reviewed 130 student projects spanning behavioral science, physics/ engineering, chemistry and biology. Among the South County students whose projects won top honors were Oakwood School 8th Grader Nikhita Gopisetti. For her project, “On the way to finding a cure for Diabetes,” she designed a scientific model of an artificial pancreas using acids and bases instead of glucose and insulin. Gopisetti herself has Type 1 Diabetes. Britton middle schoolers Leeann Gile and Ashley Balbo teamed up to show how listening to different music genres impacts blood pressure – to their surprise and everyone else’s, rock music lowered blood pressure while classical and reggae had the opposite effect. At the 2015 Tech Challenge hosted by San Jose’s Tech Museum, two 6th Grade teams from Charter School of Morgan Hill made the finals, with one team winning second place overall. Recently, the school set up a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) program in response to growing student interest in forensic sciences. Proving that it’s never too early to become a master of chess, Stratford School’s Aneesh Baiaragi, a 3rd Grader, took home a trophy after finishing first in his age group at the Bay Area Yes for Chess Tournament this year. In History, Martin Murphy student Naomi Nguyen won a blue ribbon at Santa Clara County’s National History Day Competition this year for an exhibit she created to depict the \[\KP[Y\X[^\Y[Hو[\Y[\[ܛ\RKH[ۈ˜\]H]H]H][ \HYX][XX[^\\[XY[[Z\[Z[Y\[[X]H[\[]\]HY [K]\X˜[\\[\\Y][ۜ˂\\و[ܙ[[[\][B\HZ[[\][\ۈ[\\YܛYܘYBXܘ][ۈ[Y[ܚ[X[Y]\[[[\Y[˂]H܈[[H[]Y\\ܛH^\[H[[وXY[ZX]^KX\X[\[[][]B\XHX]]Y\ˈ܈^[\K]ۈZYH\[[ۙH[\\\]ٙ\\]Y\\[H܈Y[Y[Š[XY[^KSXY[^KXY N H[HݚY[™[XY[ܝ[]Y\܈X[\]YY[ Y[HQTBܘ[KX]XT\\Y[[\\KX\[]\H[\[X]\ܚY[ZY\8&\[\8'X\\XY[8'H[HY[˜H][H[[[[وHY[[\[[HZ\[]Y\[X]]Y\^H[Y[ۛXYZ\[][]K܈^[\KHܛ\و\\[&]][[Y[[\\YH\H[\YY[H B^X[X[K[HX[HۛHY[[YX]YX\ۈ]^H[ۈ[K]YH\]][ۋ]\]H[[[BH\HHY[ۈو]\]K[\]H[XXYB\]و\[K\X[\][ۈ[[ۙ[Y[œY\\وXK]X]KYK[\[\\X[]Y\[\Y\[\]Y[HY[[]YX[]K[ܙX\[KSH8(SԑSS8(SPTS]Z\H[YB][H\H[\ݙ\[ܙX]]H^\\\]H[][]K[X\و[Y\H[\H[\XXY[܈Y[ˈ[][]H][ۜ[\ۋBٚ]ݚYHYX[[ٝ[[][]H\XHܝ[]Y\˂XH[\H\\Y[[[Y\[H\ۜHX[\\][\\\[]Y[X]][ܘ[Y[[X[\XK\Y\Z\[8'H['H][ۛXY[]\[\ٙ\[ۘ[^H[X\X][X[\Y\SKUQT MBZ^KBM