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BOOK CLUB BEAT with Sherry Hemingway

The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
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GLASSES & GLASSES Book Club ( Morgan Hill ) started as a group of Oakwood School moms and teachers . Six years later , the kids are older and the gang is still together . Members ( left to right ): Kristen Barthelman , Sue Cardillo Wilson , Beth McGowen , Lis Power , Stacey Daprile , Alison Talley , Christina Gluhaich , Nusheen Zarnegar , Renie Williams . Missing : Kim Jew , Cathleen Reisenauer , Pat Thompson , Patty Medaglia , Christine Keane , and Gwen Dorcich .
Opinionated Ladies , Morgan Hill – Station Eleven by Emily St . John Mandel
The Girlfriend Book Club , Gilroy – All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
BookSmart Book Lovers Club – The Enchanted by Rene Deerfield
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Glasses & Glasses , Morgan Hill – The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant
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SHERRY HEMINGWAY spent her childhood after lights out with a book and flashlight under the covers . With degrees from Kent State University and Harvard University , her lifelong career was in journalism and public relations . Her hobbies are travel in ( very ) remote countries , volunteering , and two book clubs .
It was after midnight , and I was asking myself , “ Can this be me , unable to put down a book about rowing ?” This precise sentiment was echoed by the Glasses & Glasses book club in Morgan Hill .
Being in a book club means you frequently read books you would never , ever choose on your own . That wonderment was dawning again reading Boys in the Boat , the true story of nine University of Washington athletes whose stamina and performance embarrassed Hitler in what was supposed to be Der Fuehrer ’ s triumph of German superiority .
Boys in the Boat is an against-all-odds saga about a few dirt poor sons of Pacific Northwest farmers , fishermen and lumberjacks , who counted on rowing to help them get a college education . The story follows Joe Rantz , a youth abandoned by his parents on the Olympic Peninsula during the Great Depression . The boy had survived entirely on his own by illegally poaching salmon and foraging for forest edibles , all the while maintaining good grades in school .
Determined to get money for tuition , Joe tries out for crew because it guarantees a part-time job at the university . Living at the YMCA and wearing the same pathetically shabby sweater every day , Joe takes on the gentlemanly sport of rowing . He and several similarly challenged teammates persevere through grueling tryouts , daily icy waters and winds , and peer ridicule for the honor of vying against rowing teams from some of the most moneyed Ivy-League schools in the country .
The book reads like a heart-racing , come-from-behind Seabiscuit thriller , not what you would expect in a story about nine guys in a rowing shell . Each competition is a page turner , and the historical context of the Depression and rise of Hitler is seamlessly woven throughout .
So far this year , at least four local book clubs , including this month ’ s featured club , have read this book and given it their thumbs up .
If you are interested in reading this non-fiction novel and visiting a book club open to the public , Boys in the Boat is slated for discussion at 7 p . m ., Thursday , June 18 at the Book Lovers Reading Club at BookSmart in Morgan Hill .
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BOOK CLUB BEAT with Sherry Hemingway The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics Rating: GLASSES & GLASSES Book Club (Morgan Hill) started as a group of Oakwood School moms and teachers. Six years later, the kids are older and the gang is still together. Members (left to right): Kristen Barthelman, Sue Cardillo Wilson, Beth McGowen, Lis Power, Stacey Daprile, Alison Talley, Christina Gluhaich, Nusheen Zarnegar, Renie Williams. Missing: Kim Jew, Cathleen Reisenauer, Pat Thompson, Patty Medaglia, Christine Keane, and Gwen Dorcich. WHAT OTHER BOOK CLUBS ARE READING: Opinionated Ladies, Morgan Hill – Station Eleven by Mи)5)Qɱɥ Ոɽ䃊L)ѡ1Ё] ЁMѡ) MЁ 1ٕ́ ՈL)QѕIə)IăL)Q]-ɕ-饅)͕͕̰̀5ɝ!L)Q ѽɰф) ́ݥѠ͕а5ɝ!1Ʌ䃊L)Q Uݸɥ́ ɥѥɥՕ)ɽ1Ʌ ՈL)Q))M!IId!5%9]dЁȁ)ѕȁ́ЁݥѠ͡Ёչ)ѡ̸ٕ]Ѡɕ́ɽ-ЁMхє)Uٕͥ䁅!مɐUٕͥ䰁ȁ)ɕȁ݅́ɹʹՉɕ)ѥ̸!ȁ́ɔɅٕٕ䤁ɕє)չɥ̰ٽչѕɥݼՉ̸()4 P<d4h$8)%Ё݅́ѕȁа$͕݅́ͭq ѡ́)չѼЁݸЁɽݥtQ́ɕ͔)͕ѥЁ݅́ѡ͕͕̀́Ո)5ɝ!) Ո́ԁɕՕѱɕ)́ԁݽձٕȰٕȁ͔ȁݸQ)ݽɵЁ݅́ݹɕ ́ѡ а)ѡՔѽ䁽Uٕͥ䁽]͡ѽѡѕ)ݡ͔хəɵɅ͕!ѱȁ)ݡЁ͕݅́ѼȁՕɕˊéɥյ)ɵɥɥ) ́ѡ Ё́е́ͅЁ)Ёȁͽ́A9ѡݕЁɵ̰͡ɵ)յɩ̰ݡչѕɽݥѼѡЁ)ՍѥQѽ䁙́)I谁Ѡ)䁡́ɕ́ѡ=Aձɥ)ѡɕЁɕͥQ䁡٥ٕѥɕ䁽)ݸ䁥ͅɅȁɕ)̰ѡݡхɅ͍́)ѕɵѼЁ䁙ȁեѥ)ɥ́Ё)ɕ܁͔ЁՅɅѕ́еѥЁѡչٕͥ)1٥Ёѡe5 ݕɥѡͅѡѥ)͡ݕѕȁٕ䁑䰁)х́ѡѱ)Ёɽݥ!͕ٕɅͥɱ䁍ѕ)ѕ͕ٕ́ɔѡɽ՝Օ̰䁥݅ѕ)ݥ̰ȁɥձȁѡȁ她)ɽݥѕ́ɽͽѡЁ啐%1Ք)͍́ѡչ)Qɕ́еɅɽ)M͍եЁѡɥȰЁݡЁԁݽձЁѽ)Ё́ɽݥ͡ѥѥ́)ɹȰѡѽɥѕЁѡɕͥ)ɥ͔!ѱȁ͕́ͱݽٕѡɽ՝и)Mȁѡ́啅ȰЁЁȁՉ̰Ց)ѡ́ѣéɕՈٔɕѡٕ́)ѡȁѡյ́)%ԁɔѕɕѕɕѡ́ѥٕ)٥ͥѥՈѼѡՉ ́ѡ )́ͱѕȁ͍ͥЀ܁Q͑䰁)չЁѡ) 1ٕ́I ՈЁ MЁ5ɝ!)5d)U9)ѽ乍