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See Grins RV

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the country . It ’ s estimated that 15 % of Americans , ages 6 years and older , 42.4 million people , participate in car , backyard or RV camping .

One of Gilroy ’ s finest family owned businesses assists other families who are looking to venture into the world of camping through the use of recreational vehicles . See Grins RV , which is located at 7900 Arroyo Circle , near the outlets , has over 450 recreational vehicles in stock . Plenty to choose from for the first time RV buyer to the well-seasoned RV camper and shopper . See Grins boasts one of the largest indoor RV showrooms on the West Coast . Walking through their climate controlled showroom makes for a pleasant experience . See Grins sells new and pre-owned recreational vehicles , motor homes , travel trailers , campers , toy haulers and more . They are the # 1 Roadtrek dealer in the United States and have been for more than four years .
You can learn more about the recreational vehicle experience and where to go RV ’ ing by watching their TV show , “ RV with Me and See Grins ,” which airs every Friday and Saturday at noon on KRON Channel 4 . Information can also be found at seegrins . com .

Ripple … making a difference

Ripple is a social good company , founded by Gianfranco Filice , a junior

at Christopher High School . Gianfranco recruited other students to join him in his venture . Simply put , Ripple is a group of high school students aspiring to work together to make a difference in the world . Ripple works with nonprofit organizations to provide clothing and other items that make a difference . For each of their products sold , Ripple provides a portion of the profits to a nonprofit organization . Each of their products is associated with a metric provided by partner organizations . For example , each t-shirt purchased will provide one person access to clean drinking water . Working to fulfill their mission , “ Look Sharp , Do Good ,” Ripple creates awareness of humanitarian issues to young adults and allows them the chance to impact the lives of individuals experiencing these hardships without asking for more than a purchase of a product . They provide a way for nonprofit organizations to save their hardearned fundraising dollars and to put it toward program use instead of wasting it on fundraising . Indirectly , they act as an efficient marketing agency . They promote the awareness of these nonprofits and provide a way of recognition among young people . For information visit rippledesign . org .

What ’ s In A Label …

as in a label which completes a package of pasta , a bottle of juice or one of thousands of other products that you may use through the course of a year . Consider the varied textures and foils often used on wine bottles for instance . Many wine connoisseurs carefully soak and remove the label to add to their collection .
Creative Labels serves a variety of companies in Gilroy and elsewhere . From a basic label with simple information to an artistic finishing touch which helps to create a company brand , Creative Label can do it all .
“ The label is so important because it ’ s the billboard for your product ,” said Daryl Isaacs , purchasing manager of Santa Cruz Nutritionals , a longtime customer of Creative Labels . Design and a certain look and feel that identify the brand are key components to labeling , of course , but Isaacs understands there ’ s a lot more behind labeling such as quality , customer service and competitive pricing . Creative Labels has a commitment to all three . Isaacs goes on to say , “ Creative Labels has been able to find solutions for several projects that had very unique applications .”
Creative Labels also produces labels for Pulmuone One Foods , a food manufacturer here in Gilroy . Pulmuone One Foods has several premium brands under its umbrella such as , Monterey Pasta Company , Monterey Gourmet Foods , Cibo Naturals , Emerald Valley Organics , Sonoma Foods and Isabella ’ s Kitchen . If you ’ ve ever purchased one of these products , you ’ ve no doubt seen a label produced by Creative Labels .
Founded in 1980 , Creative Labels specializes in labels from simple to full-color high quality printing along with specialty die cutting , tags and promotional coupons for many industries . HarvestMark certified , the company is equipped to handle the most technical and advanced label applications including high end digital printing , hot stamping and embossing , and variable data .
Creative Labels is located at 6650 Silacci Way , Gilroy , CA 95020 . Contact them at 408.842.0376 or visit creativelabels . com .
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BUSINESS NEWS See Grins RV C amping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the country. It’s estimated that 15% of Americans, ages 6 years and older, 42.4 million people, participate in car, backyard or RV camping. One of Gilroy’s finest family owned businesses assists other families who are looking to venture into the world of camping through the use of recreational vehicles. See Grins RV, which is located at 7900 Arroyo Circle, near the outlets, has over 450 recreational vehicles in stock. Plenty to choose from for the first time RV buyer to the well-seasoned RV camper and shopper. )Mɥ́́ѡɝЁȁIX͡ɽ́ѡ]) и]ѡɽ՝ѡȁєɽ͡ɽ́)ͅЁɥMɥ͕́́܁ɔݹɕɕѥ)ٕ̰ѽȁ̰ɅٕɅ̰̰ѽ䁡ձ́ɔ)Q䁅ɔѡāIɕȁѡUѕMхѕ́ٔ)ȁɔѡȁ啅̸)eԁɸɔЁѡɕɕѥٕɥ)ݡɔѼI[e݅эѡȁQXܰ͡qIXݥѠ5M)ɥ̳tݡٕ́ɥ䁅Mɑ䁅Ё-I=8 (и%ɵѥͼչЁ͕ɥ̹)Iɕ)H)́ͽ䰁չɅչ)Ё ɥѽȁ!MɅɕեѕѡȁՑ́Ѽ)ٕ́ɔMаÍɽ͍Ց)ɥѼݽɬѽѡȁѼɕѡݽɱ )Iݽɭ́ݥѠɽЁɝѥ́Ѽɽ٥ѡѡ)ѕ́ѡЁɕȁѡȁɽՍ́ͽIɽ٥)ѥѡɽ́ѼɽЁɝѥѡȁɽՍ)́ͽѕݥѠɥɽ٥ѹȁɝѥ̸ȁᅵ)е͡Ёɍ͕ݥɽ٥)ͽ́Ѽɥ݅ѕȻ )]ɭѼձѡȁͥ+q1MtIɕѕ)݅ɕ́յхɥՕ́Ѽ)չձ́́ѡѡ)ѼЁѡٕ́٥Յ)ɥѡ͔ɑ́͡ݥѡ)ͭȁɔѡɍ͔)ɽՍиQɽ٥݅䁙ȁ)ɽЁɝѥ́Ѽٔͅѡȁɐ)ɹչɅͥ́ѼЁ)ѽ݅ɐɽɅ͔ѕ݅ѥ)ЁչɅͥ%ɕѱ䰁ѡ䁅Ё́Ёɭѥ丁Q)ɽєѡ݅ɕ́ѡ͔ɽ́ɽ٥݅䁽ɕѥ)չ ȁɵѥ٥ͥЁɥͥɜ)4 P<d4h$8)5d)U9)]ӊé%1)́ݡѕ́)фѱեȁѡͅ)ѡȁɽՍ́ѡЁԁ͔ѡɽ՝)ѡ͔啅ȸ ͥȁѡمɥ)ѕɕ́́ѕ͕ݥѱ)ȁх5ݥ͕́ɔ)ձͽɕٔѡѼѼ)ѡȁѥ) ɕѥٔ1͕ٕ́́مɥ䁽)́ɽ䁅͕ݡɔɽ)ͥݥѠͥɵѥѼ)ѥѥ͡ѽՍݡ́Ѽɕє)䁉Ʌ ɕѥٔ1Ё+qQ́ͼхЁ͔ӊe)ѡɐȁȁɽՍгtͅ)%̰ͅɍͥȁMф )9ɥѥ̰ѥѽȁ ɕѥٔ)1̸ͥх)ѡЁѥѡɅɔ䁍)Ѽ͔Ё%́ͅչх)ѡɗéЁɔՍ)Յ䰁ѽȁ͕٥ѥѥٔ)ɥ ɕѥٔ1́́ѵ)Ѽѡɕ%́́ͅѼͅ䰃q ɕѥٔ)1́́Ѽͽѥ)ȁ͕ٕɅɽ́ѡЁٕչՔ)ѥ̻t) ɕѥٔ1́ͼɽՍ́́)Aձս=̰ՙɕ)ɔɽ丁Aձս=́)͕ٕɅɕմɅ́չȁ́յɕ)Ս̰5ѕɕAф 䰁5ѕɕ)ɵЁ̰ 9Ʌ̰Ʌ)Y=ɝ̰Ḿ%ͅe)-э%׊eٕٔȁɍ͕)ѡ͔ɽՍ̰׊eٔՉЁ͕)ɽՍ ɕѥٔ1̸)չ ɕѥٔ1)́́ɽͥѼձ)ՅɥѥݥѠ䁑)ѥх́ɽѥ́)䁥ɥ̸!ٕ5ɬѥѡ)䁥́եѼѡ)ѕمѥ)Ցхɥѥ)хͥمɥф) ɕѥٔ1́́ѕЀM)]䰁ɽ䰁  хЁѡ(ȸ؁ȁ٥ͥЁɕѥٕ̹)ѽ乍(