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In The Garden Loving The Easy And Exotic Tilly’s H ave you seen these exotic plants that are so easy to care for? Tillandsias are fun indoors or out, they love humidity so bathrooms or kitchens are a perfect place to hang or place your Tilly. These plants don’t need soil so they look great hanging on floral wire or glued to some grape or driftwood for a unique plant arrangement in your home or garden. Recently I saw a great design idea with the tilly’s. This person had created a wall of hanging tillandsias with fishing line one foot apart, all the way to the floor, creating a faux wall of interest and beauty. Care for these plants are almost nothing. To water them indoors you can soak them in a bowl for a few hours. This will suffice for about 10 days. If they are outdoors, they should be in a shaded to semi-shaded area. Keep them inside during the winter. To water them ou