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museum’s flight simulator, you can virtually take off from the San Martin airport and fly over the Santa Clara Valley, which is a lot harder than it seems! Not only will you gain an appreciation for the skill and knowl- edge that every pilot must possess, but you might get a sense of whether you have what it takes to be a pilot as well. When you step into the museum’s Ole Fahlin Memorial Propeller Shop, you’ll find members hard at work crafting old fashioned propellers. This is the only FAA-approved repair station on the West Coast and it specializes in custom-built, experimen- tal, and antique wooden propellers. The shop has repaired propellers from all over the world, including two for the Smithsonian and two for the Glen H. Curtiss Museum. Members like Herb Robbins are always happy to receive visitors and show what goes into the making of propellers. He may also crack an aviation joke or two and challenge you with a science question. “When the kids come in, I like to give them little lessons on physics,” he said with a chuckle. Those thirsting for more aviation knowledge can find a plethora of information at the Wings of History Museum’s library. The library consists entirely of donated material and features over 4,000 hardbound books. Some of their books date back to the WWI era and you can find a variety of biographies and autobiographies, as well as pilot flight manuals and engine and airframe manuals. But for the museum’s librarians, the real gem is the aircraft magazine collection. Over the years the museum has collected 32 more than 125 titles, many of which are missing a number of issues. “One of the most exciting things we ever received was an issue that dated back to 1916 – 1917 and it was in great condition,” Norm Zimmerman recounted with a smile, “When we get an issue that’s been missing like that it’s like giving me a key to the kingdom.” To celebrate the spirit of flight, the Wings of History Museum will be hosting its 15th Annual Fly-In and Open House on May 30th. Food is available all day and there are dozens of fun things to see and do. At 7:00 am, when the air is typically calm, people can float in the sky in a hot air balloon. Visitors are given free admission to the museum and all of the San Martin Airfield displays. The museum mem- bers have a great time showing people the wonders of flight and they offer fun activities for kids, such as rib building, making model airplanes, a scavenger hunt, and a maze. Kids who are a part of the Young Eagles Program and are between the ages of 8 – 17 get a free flight! In addition to the aircraft displays, there will also be antique cars and old farm equipment on display. The event is open to the public. Due to the event’s popularity, the museum gladly welcomes volunteers for the day of the event, as well as the day before for set up. Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or you’re an aviation enthusiast looking to share stories abou