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Five Reasons To Hire a Designer Remodeling projects can be overwhelming. With work, family and everything else that goes into your day-to- day activities, all the deci- sion making of re-doing that outdated kitchen or bathroom can seem daunting. The following are five reasons why hiring a designer is a valuable service and a great place to start when getting ready for your next project. After A designer will help provide hassle-free decision making because: • Materials are brought to your home for selection. • There is no need to spend evenings or weekends running around town. • They will help you define your design and create a clear focus.   They think outside the box by: • Providing creative design solutions. • Being aware of new trends and technologies. • Staying “in the know” with continued education and being members of trade organizations.   They help with project management by: • Making sure the design intent is executed properly. • Working with contractors to make sure the project runs smoothly and stays on schedule. • Acting as a representative on your behalf.   Before People are often willing to spend a significant amount of money on their remodeling projects, but don’t want to pay the additional 5-10% for the cost of a designer. In the end, this extra expense is typically absorbed with the trade discounts a designer can provide. Their expertise and advice can also make a huge impact on the overall look, feel and functionality of the new space. They can give a project that “wow” factor that one is hoping for, as well as help avoid the pitfalls that inevitably come up along the way. Design advice is valuable, and many general contractors including our company, offer it in-house as an added service. It provides the customer with a resourceful and experienced team, resulting in a smooth process and ultimately a beautiful new space that will bring many, many years of enjoyment. They save you money and work within your budget by: D. R. Domenichini Construction was named Morgan Hill Business of the Year in 2012 and also voted (2014) Best Contactor in Morgan Hill by the Morgan Hill Times. The owner, David Domenichini, resides in the Morgan Hill area and brings nearly 20 years of experience to his family- owned and operated business. Follow them on Facebook for weekly project updates, hints, tips, giveaways and more. You can visit their website at or call 408.691.3282. • Specifying the right materials for your project. • Providing you with trade discounts. • Helping you avoid mistakes.   They have resources/connections which: • Help speed the design and planning phase with established relationships with suppliers and specialty trades. • Cater towards different design styles and budgets. • Can come in handy in complicated situations.   G M H T O D A Y M A G A Z I N E MAY / JUNE 2015 27