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Life on Hacienda Written By Sam Bozzo I David and Mary Ann Peoples Hacienda Street is just a regular street, but it has an abundance of stories, memories and history. Marv and Roxie Thomas Patty and Mark Spencer 90 G M H T O D A Y M A G A Z I N E MAY / JUNE 2015 recall in the ’70s when my wife. Judy and I were looking to buy a house in Gilroy. We liked a development built by Pyramid Homes on Third Street between Wren and Westwood. The problem was a long waiting list and we didn’t want to wait. It was our good fortune to find a home we love on 5th Street, and we’ve lived happily there ever since. There’s something wonderful about having a strong sense of place that you get when you put down roots and build your life in a neighborhood. This story is about three families who share a sense of place as long-time neighbors on Gilroy’s Hacienda Street Gilroy was still a small and quiet town in the ’70s when Dave and Mary Ann Peoples, Marv and Roxie Thomas, and Patty and Mark Spencer moved to Hacienda Street, a block north of Third. They became Hacienda Street homeowners within months of each other! DAVE AND MARY ANN PEOPLES were born and raised here. They married in 1965 and this year marks their golden anniversary. When the couple moved to Hacienda Street, Dave opened a fabric store known as the Nimble Thimble that is now owned by Linda Williams and located next to the new Paseo between Fifth and Sixth Streets in Gilroy. The Nimble Thimble gave rise to another Gilroy business, the Garlic City Mercantile and Dave has become known for his wonderful selection of sauces, rubs and oils. Food has always been a central theme for the Peoples. In their home kitchen, Mary Ann made jams, jellies and breads to share with fellow members of craft groups including the Bobbin Babes and the Rippers (quilters). The Peoples raised their daughter