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BUSINESS NEWS Career Days - Nursing Business And Education Youth Programs “Rock the Mock” is a series of three Science Fair annual Morgan Hill events which give local high school students a “real world” experience in interview preparation. Interviewers are volunteer professionals from the local business community across a wide variety of fields who are all familiar with the interview process. Students learn everything from how to dress for an interview, how to do preparatory research, how to properly shake hands and to how best to ask, and answer, questions. They receive feedback so that when they go to apply for jobs or compete for scholarships they know what to expect and how to excel. The program started as an off-site event serving 150-200 students per year and has grown to an in-school experience which will reach nearly 600 students in the 2014-15 school year. Annual Citywide Science Fair is an opportunity for students from ALL Morgan Hill schools (public, charter, and private) to show off their scientific prowess. They gather together to show off their projects at one big event, fostering communication & involvement between the different Morgan Hill Schools. Middle School and High School students are judged separately by a panel of scientifically-minded judges. Student projects vary widely and are always on interesting subjects, from botany to chemistry and more. Students can compete alone or in teams of 2-3, and always come up with amazing projects!   are hosted annually at both of our local middle schools, Britton and Martin Murphy. A variety of businesspeople from many different industries commit their time to setting up a booth and telling students about how they got where they are. Participants have included major companies like Google, as well as small local businesses like Thinker Toys and Sonrisa Stables. Students go in groups from booth to booth to listen to each person talk about how they became the successful businessperson they are today. It’s very import ant that these students start to get an understanding of all the types of careers they could potentially have. We typically have twenty or more professions represented to give students food for thought as they consider high school, college and beyond. Career Days Sam Benedict, Specialized Bikes G M H T O D A Y M A G A Z I N E MARCH / APRIL 2015 81