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One of the truly unique features of Morgan Hill is the Freedom Fest, a family-oriented celebration of all things “Fourth of July.” In 2015, the Fest will include the Patriotic Sing, Family Music Fest, the Walk/Run, the Car Cruise ‘n Show, the Parade and Fireworks on the Green. The Fest is a patriotic town party. The parade in Morgan Hill dates back to 1876 and is the official Fourth of July Parade for the County of Santa Clara. It is also the biggest Fourth of July parade in Northern California. The Morgan Hill School District serves the educational needs of K-12 students in the Morgan Hill and San Martin area. The district has 16 schools including an active Home School Program, Adult School and the Charter School of Morgan Hill. The District API scores improved from 756 in 2007 to 795 in 2013. There are two private K-12 schools in Morgan Hill. Gavilan Community College has a large extension facility at the Community Cultural Center. The price of housing in Morgan Hill can be high. Recently, Morgan Hill was identified as the 17th most expensive housing market in the US and the 12th in California (Coldwell Banker’s Home Listing Report 2014.) This is not the whole story. There are options of every sort available in Morgan Hill. Recently, a number of residential condos, apartments and townhouses have been built in or near the downtown. More are on the way. Around town there are single-family suburban units to sprawl- ing estates. The Anderson Lake area offers views while Paradise Valley offers a rural setting. The City of Morgan Hill has a significant industrial base in the northern end of the city bo VF&W2rFR66&RB'WGFW&fV@6'&F'26RVW'2&R&G7R7&&֗Bf6FV6vW0BFV6FR66W"FFRFvFv&V07V6ƗVB&R6VG2FW&R&RfW'FVV6&7F6W&6W2Gv'VFF7B6VFW'26w&VvFVWF@FR6WFfW6֖26VFW"&vआFW&R&RVvBvW&W2vF&vआFG&W72FW"#66R&֗GFW&R&R#f&2"&vFW&6VFVf'0"&VBFR&V&v2fV@vB&6R&WGvVVFR7G&W76'2bƖfR@FR&VWfVFg&FRvBFw2ƖfRrBBrP6GƖ֗G06W&6S6BהFF6ҐRfVW0&v&WBfW'fWp7W'&VBCsCrC&V7FVBVBb#RCssÓVFƗ7Fr&6RCssÓVF6R&6RCcBsS6W&6Sr6V'#R7B6GW7G&W2R6W&6S6BהFF6Ґ$4$#PvևFF6УcP