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BUSINESS NEWS Alpine Landscapes A lpine Landscapes is a well-known, locally owned, full service, commercial landscape management company. Located in Gilroy, Alpine Land- scapes services Santa Clara County. Most of their work is focused in Gilroy and Morgan Hill. Originally founded in 1983, they have served the local area continuously for 27 years. Their business philosophy is simple; develop long-standing client relationships based on trust, hard work and commitment. Their mission is to serve the commercial landscape market with the best quality landscape maintenance services available, while creating long-term value for their customers. Their services include Landscape Maintenance, Annual Color Programs, Water Management and Irrigation, Pest and Rodent Control, Tree Care, Landscape Renovation and Enhancement. Alpine Landscapes is located at 8595 Murray Avenue in Gilroy. Architectural Facades Unlimited The 2009 APA Award Winner for Excellence in Architectural GFRC Precast Stone, and with more than 23 years of experience, Architectural Facades Unlimited has become one of the most highly respected companies in the field of Architectural Ornamental Precast Stone AFU provides a variety of products for custom commercial, residential and restoration projects. They also provide architectural pre-cast consulting services as well. Their products are made of Lightweight LCS Stone™: Exclusive extra light- weight Cast Stone Mix Design Developed by Architectural Facades, GFRC: Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement, GRG: Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum and standard PreCast Stone. LCS Stone™ is AFU’s exciting new product. Frank Bracken has developed a super lightweight cast-stone material. Unlike the existing cast stone extruded foam products — those comprised of a layer of foam, mesh, and a thin skin of cement, known to separate due to climate changes — AFU has developed a light weight mix design that is integrated with a cast stone face coat. As a result, AFU provides a higher quality lightweight Cast Stone product that not only competes with the lightness of the foam; it also has a much stronger surface area and can be used in impact zones whereas their competitors cannot withstand impact. G M H T O D A Y M A G A Z I N E MARCH / APRIL 2015 E veryone knew that in the weeks before Christmas, the place to find Alene DeBrito was in the kitchen. She’d be making her chocolate-dipped, dried apricot candies for the friends, employees and custom- ers of her husband Arnold’s business. It didn’t take too long before things got out of hand. Demand exceeded Alene’s ability to supply. So as not to disappoint those recipients who year after year had come to anticipate the heady taste of chocolate and apricot, and so as not put Alene and the family in a tizzy every November, there was only one thing to do - build the Chocolate Factory. The end result of that decision is; quality chocolate, California dried fruit, fresh nuts-combinations that can make you feel good &WBGVvr*FWrRvVFV"fR66FW0W7B2V62`R6F6VBPg&W6g&V^( 0F6VF&RFT'&F( 2WvW7@7F&R26FVB@3'&6&6R7VFR#33FPv&&V֗VWFWG2WBFFF2&VBV&V^( 2*FV"W'2&PFF&Vv6GW&Fg&FB7VF2g&Fs7F'f"FV"vW&W@6&VW2&VB66FW2@vW&WB6FVB6&V2vևFF6УC