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gilroy economic development An Economic SnapShot Written By Larry J. Mickartz T he recent recession hurt everyone. Gilroy and the local construction industry took an especially hard hit. However, things are looking up according to Tammy Brownlow, President/CEO of the Gilroy Economic Development Corporation (EDC). At the annual EDC luncheon, she noted that several economic indicators are favorable (see chart above). The Gilroy Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a 501(c)(3) established in 1996. The City of Gilroy, the Gilroy Chamber and multiple business partners fund the EDC. The EDC is in the middle of a three-year plan with these priorities: • Business Attraction – Target Industries • Business Retention & Expansion – Outreach • Partner Development – Goal to double in FY 2013/14 Along this line, the EDC is experiencing success with the expansion of food-related industries to Gilroy, specifically: • Epic Wines & Spirits (distribution center, based in Capitola, CA) • Monterey Gourmet Foods (Production and distribution, based in Fullerton, CA • United Natural Foods, Inc. (400,000 square foot to open in summer 2015, with about 400 jobs; eventually 800,000 square foot facility). In 2014, the EDC and the Silicon Valley Business Journal hosted a workshop on the “Business of Food and Beverage.” Plans are underway to host a 2015 repeat. New businesses are coming in; there are multiple inquiries regarding space and 30 business prospects; the downtown is about to relaunch; the economy is doing better. Tammy Brownlow paints an optimistic picture for the near future of Gilroy. Parallel to the efforts of the EDC, the City of Gilroy has multiple activities ongoing that will enhance the economy of Gilroy. Lee Butler, Development Center Manager, City of Gilroy, notes that there are a number of new business permits in progress, including a 105-room hotel, a new music venue, a new restaurant, and a yoga studio. Also, 16 of the 18 URM (unrein- forced masonry) buildings downtown are on the way to being available for lease. On the east side of Gilroy, a new self-storage facility, several food related businesses opening on 152, and numerous residential construction permits are in the works. And on the west side, parallel to Hecker Pass, on Santa Teresa Boulevard, a cluster of new homes are being built — the beginning of the large Glen Loma housing project. In February of 2014 the City of Gilroy completed Gilroy Economic Development Strategic Plan. This plan analyses economic date and ^\]YX\܈XۛZX™ܛ [ܙH[\ܝ[H]\[[Yܘ[\وH[[Xܛ[܈B[H[\[[Y\ܞH[Z]YKH]H\[H\و]\[]‘[\[[X[[ۙ\[[]\Z[H]\H\X[ۈ܈H]K[H^][۝HXZ܈X\[ۂ[H[\[[[HXYH[]]B]\H[\K\\YH[]HBXZ܈[\Xۈ]\HXۛZX][ BY[ XX]Y]وH[\[[Y[Y[[H[و MK[[Y[ۈ[\[[H[”[[Y\و MHHHHHHHBPT TS MBYH[]YXۛZX\Y\\HB][ۋXZ]\[Y[HوHYYYZ[\H\][ܛX][ۂۈHYZ[H[۝\^H\XKۙHوH\Y\Y[YYYHQ˜[]HYY\\]\H\H\[B[\Yو]X[YYY\Y[˜[]]H]و[K[\[X]YM ZX\X]HH\XH]\H^BXY[ܝ [XY[HY[[\Y\܈\\[]XYHو\[[[8)[ܙH[\[[ۋ\˜[]][[[ܙH[YH][Z[x)HܙX]X[][ۈ][XۛZX[\ۛY[[[Y][[][][[[HHXۛZX\[\[H]\H\[]\[B[]HH][\[[H]H\œ[ H۝ۈ\ۈH\HقH]][ ݙ\[ HXۛZX[\\H[Z\X˂\ܝ]Z[XH][L KZ^K