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G ilroy is a regional center providing shopping and recreational activities to the broader Bay Area, Central Coast and Central Valley. Each year thousands travel to Gilroy to work, shop and play - and we are proud of that fact. From humble beginnings as an agricultural center, Gilroy has grown over the years into a full service, self-sustaining community that offers the region plenty of reasons to visit and stay. Whether it is Gilroy Gardens, our famously beautiful horticultural masterpiece that provides both education and amusement rides to kids, or the value of shopping at California’s original outlet mall, or an entertaining weekend of celebrating our namesake crop – Garlic - at the Gilroy Garlic Festival the last full weekend of July, Gilroy has much to offer in the realm of fun and play. What’s more, we are a family friendly community, an original hometown. Family values and volunteerism are a hallmark trait of the people of Gilroy and we like to keep it that way. Though we offer all the modern conveniences of regional shopping centers, we also have a thriving downtown that offers great values, great food and great merchants who help make our community center tick with enjoyable celebrations and cultural events. So, as TODAY kicks off its inaugural issue, we extend hearty congratulations and look forward to many issues to come that highlight our region’s many talents and offerings for residents and visitors to enjoy. gmh Don Gage, Mayor of Gilroy G M H T O D A Y M A G A Z I N E MARCH / APRIL 2015 27