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Justin and Arleah support California’s efforts to keep the vaquero tradition alive – a trend that is catching on in other states as well. Their efforts have included speaking and providing demonstrations at the Vaquero Heritage Days in San Juan Bautista and other events in Northern California.  As Fields explained it, part of the vaquero style of riding focuses on proper use of equipment that is specially-made to fit the horse and the task at each stage of learning. The goal is to teach the horse to respond readily and accurately to subtle cues given by the rider using a halter, a bridle, a bit and reins. A skilled rider gains the horse’s trust by giving the horse time to learn and adapt. This in turn gives the rider more precise control and the horse is able to perform more sophis F6FVBF62FRfVW&G&FFWFVG2F&W"v2b&VFrWB&r6GFR'6V&6W6p&F&Rv62BFRb&vFR( vBFw26RFF6RvvB( fVG26B( ĖFPfVW&G&FFRFRFRFRFN( 2VVFVBv6֖vB&PV""GvF'&r'6RrG2G&rvRF( BW6FR'6W2( ФBRvF'6W224FBfVBF&66'F3V'2v66R6VB&6RW"6G&VFR6VG'BfR'6W2( ƗfrW&RFW&R26WFrf"WfW'RvvG2FV'6W2( 4FBWVB( 66G&VV&&WB'6W0F&VvFRDB6FW266FBBBv2&r'@`rBBrPb6FBf"גFVvFW'2v\*fR&6VB'6W2BFVW '6W2F6WFRB6w2WBFvFR7FFR( Ю( ĒFVגg&VG2FBF( BfVVFRVVBFvvf6FऒW&R6GFrג&6&6BvF6rFR'6W0"FrFVF6w2N( 2ƖfW7GRFB2vBf"FR6V( ФƖRFR4FG2֖6VR'&vBfVBFFR6WF6VGvFW"f֖ǒ#gFW"F66fW&rFR琦F2FR&V&fFVBF'6RvW'2( Ēw&WrWvF'6W2BvB&6F&FrvVאFVvFW"'v2ffRV'2B( '&vB6B( vRfV@vFW&gV'6R&W'Gw&VBfWFW&&vVƗGWVW7G&G&r&w&2B'6Rg&VFǒ6VGגFVvFW"BG&W"W"'6W2FFRW762vF6w2BFG&&FrWfW'FrvRvB2V&''WBfrFP'6W2BRvfW2RV6Rb֖B( ФvgBFW"WFFRBv&VG26FV"6G&VfRV&VBF66ƖR&W76&ƗG6fFV6RB676g&'6V&6&Fr&w&2F6Rv6WFRFWfVFWF66B6WFFfR7&BvRvr&V6vFf"FV"6WfVVG2BN( 2w&VB&FrWW&V6RBFRvVWF&RgFV6Vb666W2BV7W&RbFV6VfW26VvW2ffW"66Ц'62FGG&7B&FW'2FFV"WVW7G&FV2$4$#PvևFF6