GMB Magazine GMB25 Pulse Summer 2016 - Page 7

Visit GMB online WALK OUT The picket line during the strike. S VICTORY for GMB Veolia management back down after bin strike heffield saw its first refuse collection strike in 17 years when members took action over the aggressive use of disciplinary procedures, the use of CCTV to monitor work, and bullying. GMB members voted to walk out after seeing 95 cases of gross misconduct over the previous year, many linked to the new CCTV system and trivial in nature, and the sacking of a co-worker. Every single member turned up on the picket line and Sheffield's bin service came to an abrupt halt, leaving 80,000 bins un-emptied. All issues were resolved, however, with the dispute settled to the satisfaction of GMB members. Pete Davies, GMB senior organiser, said: “Walking out over bullying is unheard of, but these members have shown that when workers stand together they can stop it dead. “Veolia has switched off its cameras, rewritten its disciplinary processes at Sheffield and dealt with the problems regarding the way managers handled the issues. The strike has shown there is strength in unity, and GMB was certainly united.” Pete added: “The over exuberant management style we have seen for so long on Veolia's subcontracted sites like Green Co (see below) seemed to have spread onto the central contract. Unfortunately for the managers involved, our Veolia branch responded in strength and senior management moved quickly to intervene.” New hope at Green Co © Justice on the horizon for sacked GMB reps Green Co, the waste subcontractor notorious for its poor health [Y]Kœ^H[[Z[\H]۝X[YY[ [XKHY\H[\B۝X܈܈YY[]H[[8&\\BX[Y[Y[[Z] \Y[\YHB[[\Z[]HܙY[&\۝X P\YHۙ[]\[\ZYۂو[\X[X[ۈYZ[ܙY[ˈP\[H\[ܙۈ\\\BXYX\HYX\YY\H[[] [X\[[ۜ\]\XY܈[\B\[H]Y\[ۂSTRQӑT˜X]H\]BHYYZ[ܙY[š\X\[[[ ۈHY[œۙKZ[]YY[[[XY\[YHܙK']ۙ\HY[HH][•H[\HX[Y[Y[X[H[ܙY[œY]\K[YHH\܈ܙY[][[Z\؜]H]]وB[[Z\K'BZHY\[[[H^H]ۙ\\H[ H[\ܝ]\HXX[\[]Y\]H[Z\K\‘ܙY[P\]HY[Z[ۈBX\[XX[[˂H\]K[\\\]YY[]B\ܝ[Y[X\[\\]H\[[ \[HHܚ\&H[\]]BP[[܈ܙ[\\]\]Y\ˈHZY][ZHݙ\HܙY[۝X ˙Xܙ˝Z ‚PK[W ˚[ ‚M ̌ M LN