GMB Magazine GMB25 Pulse Summer 2016 - Page 5

Visit GMB online JOKING MATTER Neil Derrick and Mark Thomas. ow, nal dy . Switch to direct debit S D A O L D E SH of LAUGHS Award-winning comic gets funny to celebrate the Red Shed turning 50 G MB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire is proud to have teamed up with comedian and activist Mark Thomas to sponsor the Yorkshire leg of his latest tour. If you haven’t heard of Mark, he’s best known for his political stunts on his Channel 4 show, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product. Mark first performed in public more than three decades ago in a shed: the Red Shed in Wakefield, an old army hut also known as Wakefield Labour Club. And as a student at nearby Bretton Hall, Mark would perform to raise funds for political causes close to his heart. This marked the beginning of a love affair with the area, which helped form his political thinking and career. As the club turns 50, Mark will return to create a show about the Red Shed. Interviewing club members, he interweaves the history of the Shed with his own personal story. Mark will also incorporate some key GMB campaigns that are ongoing in the Region into his performance, in a bid to highlight the plight of working people. Neil Derrick, GMB Regional Secretary, said: “What a great way to promote GMB and raise awareness of our campaigning through the comedic genius of Mark Thomas. To be incorporated into his show was an opportunity not to be missed.” For more information on Mark’s tour and his show at the Red Shed, go ˂X\X\[˘˝Z\Y]\‚']BܙX]^Hœ[HPx'B[X[\PY[X\\HYH[[ۈ[\XZ]YX[\[[\XYHHYB[[ۈX H[XZ]YYۚYX[ܚ]X\K[\H\[Hݙ\Y[\ܘYXۈۈ][˜X\X[ٙ8$HX[ۈق[[ۈXܚ\[ۈY\H^\8$܂XXX܈[\YY\˂]\[[ۜZHP]\˜ݙ\HوY\[HX[ٙ\[H[[ˈ\YX[[\[[ۂ۝X][ۜ[H\Y\B]\\وHY\][ۋ\B\[ x&\H\[[Y[X\[BXXX܈]\XX] P•ZH۝HY[[\Y[Y\[\PX[ۈ]ܚ˂[\H[HH^H[H^HP[]ݙ\\XX]((([ H •[ٙ\[\Y[X\\\XX]XZ[\ܚXH\[\܈H] [ݙ\ܛK[P܈\]\X]N˙Xܙ˝Z XH8&[ݙH[\PX\XX]8&H[K܋\]H[]\HܛBۈYH K˙Xܙ˝Z BPK[W  K[ BM ̌ M LN B