GMB Magazine GMB25 Pulse Summer 2016 - Page 3

In this issue… NEIL DERRICK d North GMB Yorkshire an l Secretary na gio Derbyshire Re Catch up with all the news from this year’s Congress. Page 8 4 Hands off our NHS 18 Standing up for H&S GMB sends a message to the Tories. Also, comedian Mark Thomas teams up with GMB Our health and safety protections are taking body blows, and it’s time for us to fight back 6 Cash in transit 20 GMB financial report Help for taxi drivers in Sheffield as GMB sorts out new cash payment system Plus some pensions advice for GMB members 7 What a load of rubbish! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our special offer GMB members at Veolia go on strike and win better working conditions, and the notorious Green Co is booted out as waste subcontractor 24 UNIONLINE 8 Our Region at Congress 25 Branch activity weekend Yorkshire and North Derbyshire delegates had a fantastic time at Congress 2016! 9 Tales of Congress Jeremy Corbyn, Blacklisting, Hillsborough and more… Discover the Region’s top branches, and some news from members in Avery Care Homes… 26 Equalities update Learning opportunities for all, a film that tackles racism, and more GMB takes on ASOS and Burberry, plus GMB sponsors a youth football team’s trip to Real Madrid Why trade unions are a force for good 14 Tax dodgers 30 Notice board Paul Routledge on tax avoidance and the Tories GMB Ladies FC finish top of the league. Also, switch your payment method to direct debit 16 Pull-out map! GMB members in every region are keeping the UK’s power stations up and running On average union members are 16.7% better paid than nonmembers GMB members’ own legal service 28 Regional update 11 Tim Roache speaks Cover: Andrew Wiard 23 Building a branch website GMB membership covers you wherever you work GMB’s victory against the blacklisters page 12 UNIONLINE Your trade union law firm: 0300 333 0303 Not a GMB member? Join today GMB25.Pulse_03.indd 3 No-one can stop you joining GMB Current Vacancies @GMB See about/gmb-jobopportunities Welcome to the Congress edition of The Pulse It was my honour and privilege to lead the Yorkshire and North Derbyshire delegation as Regional Secretary for the first time – and what an amazing week we had. Our 42-strong delegation, representing more than 64,000 members in this Region, took to the rostrum time and time again to move resolutions with such passion – it was humbling to watch. You’ll see other examples of our time at Congress on page 8, but most notable are our worthy award-winners. Catr [ۘB[[Y\H\HۈH[Y[[\]\܈\ܚۈX[[Y]K]ZXY[[YHB[XH[[[\]\[][[BY[HH\[ܚ\H[X[[B\XHۈH\Y[8&\XY\\]\܈\]X[]KH\H[XH[Y]HBXYP\HܙY[YY[ Y\ۙܙ\ˈ YHYH ˊH^BHX]HY\^H[[\Y\[H^YX\[\ZYۈ܈\XB[Z\\Z\[܈XZ[]YZ[HX[[Y]H[[Z[ˈx&YZHZH\ܝ[]H[[\܈Z\[[X[\ܝY]H[\ZYۋ[x&[HX\Yœ\ܝ][H\[ܙۈ\\˜\HX]ܚYZ[\H\[و\Y\[]ܙY[]]^H]] ]^HHۙܙ\[H[XYX]\[\ZYۈ[H^]][ۈو\Y[X\]ۛ[H]Z[X[TBX\وH[X]]HYZ[[X\Y\\YX\[\X[XܞH][XH[YY[[ZHX[ۂZ[HPY[X\˂HۛH^H]Z\\܈ܚ[œ[H\Y܈]YP[B[[]\]\HH\H[H™][\Y[[[Z[H[[܂[H]X]K]\H[[[XZHHY\[H8$]\H[Z[H \[\H[[ۋ[[H܈Z[\وP[[[H܈[\Y[X\\ ˙Xܙ˝Z ‚K ̌ M LNN