GMB Magazine GMB25 Pulse Summer 2016 - Page 24

MEMBERS Th ySou I BENorkEinF it gw UPDATE YOUR DETAILS AT GM B w Every legal service you need, when you need it 0300 333 0303 Call the helpline to discuss your needs Personal injury? Report it now If you or a member of your family has an accident of any sort, at work or elsewhere, call UNIONLINE now on 0300 333 0303 and our expert lawyers will assess your case – see the chart below. UNIONLINE Scotland also has its own specialist Scottish law firm, offering all the same services, with particular experience in the Scottish courts. Keep 100% of your damages award With other personal claims solicitors, you’ll pay 25 per cent of damages awarded as their fee. If UNIONLINE wins your case, you’ll get 100 per cent of the money awarded to you. Need a will? Use U SӓSx&\[ [XZ[\XH[[H۸&]B\Y8$[\H[\HHYH[Y]܈PY[X\˂[[[\\O‚[SSӓSH[\X]\۝^X[[\XK][H]XX\\[\[HY \Y]X]܋[Z[H][ܚ[Z[[]•Hݙ\Y[\]Y[ZY ]SSӓSHٙ\PY[X\B\[ۈH[Hو[Z[H[ܚ[Z[[]\X\]H\H[Y[HYYY[[ [܈Y[\XB[\\[\[H\[Hٙ\\˜[\\[H܈]8$]]8&\[^[H[H۸&]YY[\[H][وHZXHXY[ \[SSӓSx&\XX[\\XB[\\[HYHB\ݙ\[ZX\\Z\[[H[\HZ[H[HX^H]H\[[™HHXY[ \X[YY]XB¸(PY[X\‚&\PY[X\([[YYX]H[Z[B[\Y\[XY[]ܚ‚YBYBIHو[XY\‚[[X[]X‚YBYBIHو[XY\‚[X[YY[BYBYBIHو[XY\‚ܚ[Z[[[\BYBYBٙ\Y[\X[\X\BYBYBIHو[XY\‚YYXXY[‚YBYBIHو[XY\‚\[\YBYBIHو[XY\‚Y[\XB\\Y[܈Y[[\[HHZQ][\[K(XX[KP][ۘ[PK][ۘ[̍ ˚[  ̌ M L