GMB Magazine GMB25 Pulse Summer 2016 - Page 18

HEALTH & SAFETY s ’ B M G Join T E F A S & H T L HEA m Keeping me tting GMB is getting into the ring and hi back at the government’s lax attitude to the health and safety of our members f you work, your health and safety – and the health and safety of everyone you know and love – is taking body blows from the Tories. Since the Conservatives came into power in May 2010, workers’ rights on health and safety have been pummelled from three sides: 1 2 3 POLITICALLY Through deregulation and cuts to the Health and Safe B^X]]H[[]]ܚ]Y\˂QSBHXZ[X\\XB[ܙHYX[ [][˜\[][ۋPSBYHXZ[[ق۝X[[\YYHY˂\\HP\]Y][[[][š]X[ Y]H[H[\ۛY[X]]Y\ˈH[]HPX[[Y]H\HZ[[[\ܝ^HYY HYY]H[HBۙY[HZHۈH[[Hقܙ[\[HܚXH\[X[[Y]H[[\ۛY[ ]8&\[YH܈PX\Hݙ\\X[H[[XHH[[BXY [ۈۘHYZ[H\\\XZB\Hx&\H][]Y PYYۛ][\X[[Y]Hۘ\\K[HYYۛH[\XXPY[X\ˈ[H\\YHوBXY^[KH[YYHPX[ Y]H[[\ۛY[\^K[BX[[Y]HYXX\HY]] [][[[]\]\H‘QTP8$[H۸&]YYH[\܂[H\Y\]Z[ˋ܋ۛ[H[[[[\[\›\\^H]Y\[ۜ]˜\^[[ۚ^K˝Z܋PW\^W̌ M[H[]ۈ[\X\ۙH܈X] ܈ۈB\܈\ x&]HYHܙX]\ۜB\]H[]\X[H\Y\\œXKH[ܙH[H\]HB\^KH]\H[[\[BYYوPY[X\ˈ][HH[[\ܝ[Z[]\و[\^KQSUH[Y]܈PY[X\Z\[Z[Y\[HHXۛ^H\H[[XXKBۜ\]Y[\وHZ[\H[\ݙHX[[Y]H[HܚXH\HX\\]HH]HP ܙX\ Y KHۛH\PY[X\XH\B[[8$H\Y\\H\]XX]Y[[X[\\X[Y]K[HۛHݙ\Y[[XZH]X\Y\܂YY[[\Y\^][[[X][B\Hܚ\][[YXXˈB MHPXX[\ܝۈ [\X[ [\Y]K]Z[XHۛY]˙Xܙ˝ZX] YX]ܚ™XXۙܙ\XXۙܙ\L MK[Z]YPYZ[]]\X [H L H\Hو\Z\˜۝X\^Y Pۛ›ۛH[X[B[\Y\\HZ\\[\[[ۂ^][\B۝X[Y[BX\ٝ[\[›ZYܘ[ܚ\˜]Y][[XBH[\XܚXHY]BX[ۜˈY\HYB[X\و\B[Y[\YYܚ\\X[\H[HۜX[ۂX܋[]\؝[\]\H\وBXۛ^H\H\ܝ[[Y[[[\Y\ˈ\H\]H܂ܝ][Hو[\Y\[\\Hۈ[HœZ\H[\˂ܚ\]H\\[][ۋXH[^\H܈Z\ۘ\˂BZH\ۛ[H\^B[[[[\[\\X[ Y]B[\ۛY[]Y\[ۜ[[PX]HܚY\˜[ܙYYH[\Y\܈˂˜\^[[ۚ^K˝Z܋PW\^W̌ MNP][ۘ[PK][ۘ[NNK[ NK ̌ M MM‚ZT˘H B\YB