GMB Magazine GMB25 Pulse Summer 2016 - Page 15

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS AT CRIMINALISE TAX EVASION Labour argues that these measures are too little, too late – and not all of them are new. Cameron’s much-trumpeted plan to criminalise tax evasion was announced in 2015, but never enacted. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says: “Labour’s Tax Transparency Enforcement Programme will stop the super-rich from hiding their wealth from legitimate taxes whilst the rest of us are told there is not enough money to pay for the public services we all rely on. “Under this government,” says McDonnell, “there has been one rule for the rich and another for the rest of us. Tax haven corruption is not just a tax issue – it drives at the very heart of our democracy and its credibility.” The European Commission is proposing new laws to compel 6,000 big multinationals, like Google and Amazon, with a turnover CURE THE DISEASE d GMB members’ jobs in hospitals coul be protected with taxes recovered. If country-by-country reporting fails to cover all parts of the world, it would be ‘worse than useless’, the charity warned. At his much-vaunted international anti-corruption conference in London recently, Cameron promised a new era of transparency to beat the tax © x 2 / Andrew Wiard x 4 illion “The prize is £34 b s in unpaid UK taxeh every year – whic e NHS could help save th s.” and public service exceeding £600 million, to declare where they make their profits, and pay taxes in those countries. This would end the scam of companies feeding their ill-gotten gains to low-tax countries like Ireland and Luxembourg. But it’s still only a proposal. New laws would require all 28 EU member states and the European Parliament to approve the reforms, wh X[YH[YX[[ N Y^H[][X[HX\0M[[ۈ[][YH\[H[X[BH^]Y[K[Hۙ[[YHYX[YX[[[ZY^H\H[Y™[^[]؜Hܛ8&\ܙ\[Hو[[ۜ[][YHXXYX\\ˈ]Z\ۙHۛۙKو\K[\YH[ܜܘ]HXܙXBXܛHؙH[HZ[]BX]و[ ]HXX\]]H܂[H\\]\XK[X\\™[[H[HY]\HY܈B[[ۈ\[\\HܚY\˂SRTPUQSHX\H][]^H][ZY^[HH\و\^KX\&\^YB(ܘH[T[Y\\H]Z[و[BٙܙH[\Y[^H([ܙX\H\\\܈T[\Y]H[X[XX\وH]]XX[X[ۙXق[\\[H^\[[Y[و\[\\[X[H[]YX[¸(]\H8'[YXX[ۙ\\Y\\'H]X[[B[[X]Hۙ\\وܙZYۈ\[Y\[^BY܈۝X[H]\XXX܋˙Xܙ˝Z MBPK][ۘ[MMK˚[ MBMK ̌ M LN