GMB Magazine GMB25 Contact Summer 2016 - Page 5

INJURED RK? AT LLWUNO IONLINE Visit GMB online at CA 3 0303 0300 33 WOODN’T BEND GMB members stood firm on the picket line. FORUM Strike AT METSÄ WOOD Fair pay demand from GMB members working for Finnish lumber company M ore than 100 GMB members in Boston recently took part in a strike calling for fair pay at Metsä Wood. As one of the UK’s biggest wood processing companies, Metsä Wood enjoys good profits for shareholders, but has an underpaid workforce. After weeks of negotiation, the Finnishowned company failed to make an acceptable offer and GMB members had no alternative but to take action. Senior GMB steward Geoff Burch said: “We didn’t want to take this action but we feel we have no choice. The company is not treating us with respect; all we are asking for is a fair pay award, which recognises the work we do.” GMB negotiators told Metsä Wood that further action is planned and that an overtime ban and work-to-rule will stay in place until the dispute is settled. In recent years GMB has tried to work with the company to restructure the business and meet new production targets, but the good will of the members has been exhausted after yet another derisory pay offer. David Shamma, GMB regional organiser, said: “This dispute was entirely avoidable, but the intransigence of the company has left us no choice. GMB members have taken a brave and principled stand and are determined to see this through until they get a decent result.” Putting our heads together GMB and North Kesteven Council partner to provide learning agenda GMB and North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) have joined forces to set up learning programmes and apprenticeships for young people in the Lincolnshire town. The partnership will collaborate on a learning agenda that will benefit those members already in work in the area too. Ellie Sykes, learning and development officer at the council explained: “At NKDC we believe that it’s important to develop skills, build resilience and improve confidence. We have committed to this by implementing a Lifelong Learning Agreement and working with GMB has enabled NKDC to reach this milestone.” David Shamma, GMB organiser for Midland and East Coast Region, said: “I am delighted that NKDC has entered into this agreement with GMB. It shows that employers and unions can ܚ]\܂H]]X[[Y]وY[X\H[[ [HY\[][]K'B[YH[X[\ۋP[[ܚ\™[Y[Y[ڙXܚ\\YHYܙY[Y[۝[YY8'H[[•ܚ\[Y[Y[ڙX\Y[ܚ][\Y\]HH\[ۈ[Xۚ\H][\Y[[][[BܚٛܘH܈H]\H[X[H^B]Y[]\'BQP‘[\Y[™[\Y\[[^HB][Yx)P\Y[[\ZYۚ[\܈[[\YY\HZYH][YKP\[Y]\[][•YHܝ[H[ۙYHXXX܈[]]HX܈[\YYHܛ\˂P[Hܝ[H\™[\Y\[H[\XH^HB][YH8$X\Y[]]0 BHH][YH[][ۋ[XYوHݙ\Y[8&\]Hو0ˌ8$˜[[HH[Y]و[ˈ]8&\˜[Y[YZ[\Z\۝X˂P[]Xܛš[\ܝ[H][YH[H˜X]ݙ\H[HY[ۈ[]™XۛZX[Y]H[\HR˂Hܝ[H[Y[YH[\Y\^Z[H][YH[[\ZYۈ܂[H[K][]HPY[X\˜HXH\HYX\[^\Y[\š[XY]H]X\H][YH܂]\[ۙK][[HX\ٝ[[\ZYۜ[Y\HY\\و[[\Y\][\ۈ^K[ܙH[ ܙ[\][ۜ]BYۙY\H[[8&\XܙY]][ۂ[YH[Hܝ[H\Y[Y[B\ܝY[[]\\[YYXK[ Pܙ[\\ZY8'H\™[YYܚ]]Hو[[[[\X[\HH[[XY\[ܙX]H\ܝ[KH[H\B][H[[ 'BTTUS[STB[ܙHX]B[[“][YHܝ[O\Kš[™BB˛[˜˝Z][YB˙Xܙ˝Z BPK۝X  K[ B ̌ M MN B