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BN M G ACTIO ? R I A F N U E L B A T EP nditions On pay and co COUNCIL ELITISM GMB campigning for fairness in Beverley. UNACC GMB protests against East Riding cuts… A protest recently took place at the County Hall in Beverley against East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s decision to cut pay and mileage allowances for members. Some GMB members have seen the lease-and-hire scheme more than halved; others have had their essential car user allowance removed and replaced with a business user payment, based on miles. The changes leave some members so badly affected that they will be forced to seek alternative employment. They are also incredibly unfair, with one instance of a council employee COLIN CRISP receiving a £963 GMB convenor and business user Beverley branch secretary allowance and others receiving nothing – with the deciding factor being one mile in travel! GMB activists are livid that members who work in frontline services, dealing with the most vulnerable in the community, have been targeted for cuts while senior staff – who receive up to £6,000 as a perk – have not been touched. “It stinks of elitism and does not stand up to scrutiny in the context of equality and fairness – something GMB demands for all its members in any workplace,” said David Oglesby, GMB regional organiser. “The council should demonstrate that it is a model employer in all respects. East Riding of Yorkshire Council does not do this.” Colin Crisp, GMB convenor and Beverley branch secretary said: “The campaign for fairness will continue.” An Ideal victory GMB wins a better pay deal for members at boiler firm Around 200 GMB members working at Ideal Boilers in Hull took industrial action recently – for the first time in over 100 years of branch membership. GMB members in the factory, as well as engineers around the country, took part in four planned one-day strikes, demanding better pay and conditions for staff. Despite Ideal Boilers earning huge profits and the loyal workforce sticking with the company through difficult times, including various restructures, the largely French venturecapitalist-owned company refused to raise wages or come back to the negotiating table with a decent pay offer. GMB members therefore took the decision to go on strike, organising picket lines at the factory gates with between 70 and 100 members protesting the company’s decision not to increase pay. Strikers BOILING POINT Members walk out for better pay and conditions. included both office and shopfloor GMB members. With plenty of media and local support the industrial action was deemed a huge success. More strike action was planned if Ideal’s management didn’t respond to demands, but after the fourth walk-out bosses agreed to enter into talks with GMB. The subsequent improved offer was accepted by ballot – a positive outcome for all members! 04 CONTACT – GMB Midland and East Coast GMB25.Contact_04_05.indd 4 20/06/2016 15:45