GMB Magazine GMB25 Contact Summer 2016 - Page 28

GM B w JOIN GMB’S EXCLUSIVE CREDIT UNION! Simpler, fairer savings and loans for GMB members and their families T his has been another successful year for GMB’s Credit Union and now summer is here it’s a great time to update members on this year’s AGM results and the benefits of saving with Thorne Credit Union. Thorne Credit Union Ltd (trading name: GMB Credit Union) has been trading for more than 17 years and continues to evolve its direct online financial services model. GMB Credit Union has a rolling three-year business plan, which is reviewed and updated regularly by the Board of Directors, and the annual AGM took place back in March. GMB Credit Union operates exclusively for the benefit of GMB members and the wider GMB community, with all profits distributed as an annual dividend on savings and reinvested to safeguard both the ongoing delivery of competitive members’ savings and loans services. This year’s AGM reported an increase from 2014’s 1.5 per cent dividend rate to 1.6 per cent in 2015. GMB Credit Union is authorised and regulated by the FCA and PRA. All savings are fully guaranteed up to £75,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. So why not choose a savings and loan service from your own financial services organisation: one that generates a f [[X[[X[]\܈[\[Z[H[BY\P[][]O’[PܙY][[ۈ[]ۙ[˜[\ZYۈ܈ܙX]\[[X[[\[ۂYHݚ\[ۈو[\KX\KX[H\ۜXH[[X[\X\˂QSPTSQU‚\YX\&\QH\ܝY] Mx&\™]Y[]H[ܙX\Y KHBKIH[ M ]Y\Y[KPܙY][[ۂ\X܈[X\\\وPZY[[X\\Y[ۋ^Z[Y]H\[ۂ܈PܙY][[ۈ\[ M8'˜۝[YHHHP&\ܙY][[ۋ8'HBZY 8'[]\[]\XH[Hٙ\[ۘ[X[\PY[X\[Z\[Z[Y\˸'BPܙY][[ۈ[HۙHوP&\˜\ Z\Xܙ]˂Y[X\[Y]HY[\][\š][[HZ[HY\[[X[]\H8$[]\XXHوZ[[[[Y\[K][\HY [[‘PܙY][[ۈ[\PY[X\]\]]]H]\ˈPܙY][[ۈ^\[[X[]Y[ۈ][˂PԑQUSSӈS¸(]H\[[]YX[8(]H܈[\[Z[B(]H܈[\YH []\]H[BY[x&\HHPY[X\[H[\H܈HPܙY][[ۈ[PܙY][[ۈ\[[ܙH[0 Z[[ۈY[X\[Y[\H]Y]][\\]\[\H]][XZ[\]]]KPܙY][[ۈ[YZ]\Y[X\X[HY\]]]H[\\]\ۈH[HوY[X\[˂\H\H[Y\܈X\H\^[Y[\\ˈ[[\\\\YۈBYX[][[[[[K][[H[ۙ^H[][[HH]\X[ ԈSԑHUS\X\SԜSBX]\[[XB[][›ۈ MH  M۝XPܙY][[ۈXܙY][[ۋœ[[[XZ[[]BBBB]\˜H܂B˝ܛXܙY][[‚Y[X\\HX]Y\[]YX[[[\\]\[\[ۈ[]YX[\[\[\[[[[[\]Y\Y [\H\\YۈHY[X\&\X[]H\^KHX^H\]Y\Y][ۘ[\ܝ[[ܛX][ۋܙY]X\[\HܙY][ܛX][ۈ]ܙY]Y\[HY[Y\ˈY[X\]\]HHHY[X\][X[[]H[YܙYY[[[[H\^Z[Z\[˂HTːB‚QSPT•TBBSܚZ[]‚ӕP8$PZY[[X\\PK۝X̎̎K[ M ̌ M M B