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EQUALITIES UPDATE r acceptance GMB fights fo First time for EVERYTHING The first-ever regional Women’s Conference proves to be a great success A WOMEN’S CONFERENCE The brand-new event was a huge success. successful new event has taken place in the Region – the inaugural GMB Midland and East Coast Region Women’s Conference was held in Nottingham’s Park Inn Hotel recently. This brand-new conference was well attended, and had some wonderful speakers for the delegates to listen and respond to. Regional Secretary Andy Worth opened the event, setting out how GMB works and how women can get more involved in our union, while MEP Glenis Willmott spoke eloquently about the EU referendum and how this would affect local women. Topics covered over the two days were wide-ranging and varied. The history of women in GMB; domestic violence; work and the menopause; The Trussell Trust; the Trade Union Bill and union structure and function were all discussed – and the debates that ensued were lively and challenging! On the second day, political officer Richard Oliver spoke movingly ceeded all of my about the Dying To women’s conference exought all the speakers he “T Work campaign, a cause I th expectations and more. itely be booking next year!” that moved many of the fin de ll wi I t. were brillian rd, Asda Peterborough delegates and spurred Peters, GMB shop stewa ne Lo them to action. Regional organiser GMB Women’s Conference was wonderful. Sian McClarence “This has been a fantas tic For the first time, women from across the said afterwards: “I’m delighted to have female GMB shop stewa first for our rd s an Region could meet and discuss a diverse been involved in the first Women’s d ac tivists in the Region and hope fu lly range o \Y\]YX[K[Y[ۙ\[H[\Y[ۋHH]B\B^\H܈]\HYX\˸'BY[&\Y[]\K[[\[HHY[\][HYYX”X[H[[PYš[ۘ[ܙ[\\Y[[HYH[[ۈ[ݙ[Y[ ق\Z[H[X]\]H[\ܚ\ۙK]X[H\\[ۜ˜][[H[\\[[X[K[X]\Z[XKHۛHH]B]\[\XYHH]P[]H[\Y\[]\][Z[[]Y[]HYYX\›^YX\^HX]\[XYHYx'Bو^\Y[H[\[[ۋ'BX\KSZ\H\\ۋY[&\ٙX\HZX\\\X\[[[H MY[ۘ[Y[x&\H[\\Y[]x&YݙHX\B[HY[X\قY[&\ۙ\[KH\Zܝ]\Z HY[ۘ[]B[B\BB[HB\]X[]Hܝ[KY\\[\[\\[SPUܝXܙ˝Zx&]H[Y [Y[Y8'\H]\H[Hو\Y\]][][ܙHX]YXY[\H\\Y \]\Y[ۘ[M”QӈTԈ ӕP8$PZY[[X\\PK۝X̍̍˚[ M ̌ M M