GMB Magazine GMB25 Centre Point Summer 2016 - Page 9

Visit GMB online at STAGE ANTICS Jeremy Corbyn met blacklisted GMB members at Congress. TALES OF CONGRESS The Press Association’s Alan Jones on Congress’ important work… T he first annual GMB Congress under the leadership of Tim Roache had a familiar feel, with debates on Trident, worker exploitation, blacklisting and – of course – someone dressed up as an animal! Paul Kenny’s appearance with the London Region delegation also helped, although it’s clear that the worlds of work and politics are changing. The sun shone throughout the Bournemouth Congress, but storm clouds are gathering across many industries where GMB has members, from the crisis gripping steel to the obscene explosion of zero hours contracts and question marks over the future of nuclear power. Tim Roache used his speech to pledge to build a 21st century union that looks, sounds, communicates and organises in the most modern way, attracting ne [[XܝZ][H۝[Z[[\ZYۈYZ[[\XH8$X]\ܛH]Z\˂TSVHԐSHX\XY\[[YH] P[[Y[X\Y\\YB[][X][ۜ\HܝXX[]Yܛ[[]X\[\[\K[P\[XXYX[YYXH[BX[\[H[\ܝ[HوY\\˜[Hܚ][\8$][ۘ[[[8$YY]ܚ˂SSՐUSӂ\YX\&\ۙܙ\]XYHX[ق][ۘ[XZ\[Y[X\XY\\[^Hܘ[HXZ]YH[[›ݘ][ۈY\HܘY[Y[Hوܚ\&BY[Y[HYH\X[HYB[[ۈX H[Y]\]HRܚXH\ۙHوH[[\]X[[H][Yܛ [P۝[Y\˜[\ZYۈYZ[[ܝ\[\\˂ۙH[\ZYۈX\[YX\ٝ[H\Hۙ\[[Y܂\XH܈ۜX[ۈܚ\\BX\Y ٝ[܈\Z[[H[[ۋH\[][ۈ][Y[\[[HY[XXY []\[وH]Y\[B]YHZ\ܚY\ˈ[HZH]\X]\ N H\[K\˜X\Y܈Z[H]\ ]\[šYHY\[\[Z[N܈ZZH^[\ LHH\[ [&]][]ܚ˜XYY\\H\YYH[KPPSURTB]HZ]وHX\\ܝܛ\[]HۙHو\Y[X\\ܛZ[œYX\Y[۝[YH[\ZYۚ[‚SPSԈPTUT]]\KZYKXZ]Y\]\BX[Y\ Y H[X\H\\š\[XY\[БH[H]YB[&\\^Bۛ\ˈۙܘ][][ۜ[[B܈HXX[]Z\HY\ۙH\[[B[[H[؛ܛY\\\[BXHH[ݚ[HX]Z[]Bܛ[ۈH]Y[^KX[\[B^[وH\YK[[Y]\X\[[[[ۘ[YXHX\\]\[[وH[؛ܛY\ܝܛ\ ۈBH]\]H\HوYZ[[[]Z\BX[X\]\[و[B[YKPۙܙ\ MYܙYYۘ]BL H\ܝܛ\ [][[X[ H\H[Y\[ݙ\[\ۈHYKۈB\Y\ۈوHYZ\Y\[Hܛ[HZ] X\[\[Y\Y[ܛ[HX\ˋY]Kݚ[]P[XYH^B]ۘ\H[˂BUY\Қ[\ЂH\Y\‚PY[X؜H[]H\\X\][\˂XB\[[XX]˙Xܙ˝Z BPK][ۘ[K[BM ̌ M LΌL‚