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Visit GMB online at N O I G E R R U O S S E R G N @ CO Congress 2016 in Bournemouth was a winner for Birmingham and West Midlands Region delegates G MB members from Birmingham category for her work at the care and West Midlands Region home where she’s employed. Patricia made a big impression received these fantastic accolades from at GMB Congress Mary Turner, GMB National 2016 in Bournemouth, with President, alongside other our delegates eager to lead GMB award winners. debate and discussion on Patricia said: “Allowing union policy. workplace racism breeds A huge highlight for an environment of our Region was when discrimination, distrust, Patricia Gumbria friction and unsafe received the prestigious conditions. Myself and GMB President’s Award colleagues, with the help for Most Inspirational of fantastic supportive Individual on Equality in staff at GMB in Halesowen, GMB or at Work. Patricia has fought hard against racism PATRICIA GUMBRIA been pivotal in fighting to raise and discrimination where ethnic employment terms and conditions minorities were given zero hours for non-white workers in the Birmingham area. contracts and at one point had all their As well as the individual award, Patricia shifts cancelled.” was also Highly Commended in the Most Joe Morgan, regional Inspirational Equality Project for Organising secretary, said: “Patricia’s CAMPAIGN RECOGNITION Margaret Aspinall received a Gold Badge for her Hillsborough work. care home was blighted by racial discrimination. A new manager gave all new white workers full-time contracts, denying the same for existing ethnic minority workers.” Our Region also led the way in its support for the families of Hillsborough victims, who were vindicated by the recent inquest which found their loved ones were unlawfully killed. The Birmingham and West Midlands Region persuaded Congress to donate £10,000 to the Hillsborough Family Support Group. Congress had already awarded the GMB Gold Badge to Margaret Aspinall, who leads the group. While the Gold Badge was a well-received gesture, it was felt that due to the hardships suffered by the families of those at Hillsborough, a financial award was well-deserved. NEW FACES IN BOURNEMOUTH There were 15 new delegates from the Birmingham and West Midlands Region at Congress 2016 and they spoke on a number of issues from challenges in the workplace to the EU referendum. Pictured here with regional secretary Joe Morgan are Steve Carter, Byron Cooke, Sam Fagan, Paul Graham, Angela Jones, Pauline O’Rouke, Ian Price, Andrew Pyke, Christopher Rhodes, Gerald Richards, Rachael Roberts, Yvonne Thomas, Charles Chatfield and Charlie Taylor. 08 CENTRE POINT – GMB Birmingham and West Midlands GMB25.Centre_Point_08.indd 8 21/06/2016 16:00