GMB Magazine GMB25 Centre Point Summer 2016 - Page 5

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @GMBWestMidlands BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL Hosts the national body that nets loan sharks. SAVED by being SOLD BITING BACK! ess. Good news for a team that takes loan sharks to task © G MB is delighted to hear about the decision to reverse major cuts to The National Illegal Money Lending Team England (NIMLT), hosted by Birmingham City Council, which operates across the country to clamp down on illegal money lenders. This decision will RIPPING YOU OFF save GMB members’ jobs. NIMLT faced cuts of Sid the Shark is part of a loan up to a third to their budget, which would shark awareness campaign. have resulted in as many as 17 redundancies for GMB members. on the vulnerable using violence and NIMLT is a government-funded threats to extort money from those investigation team hosted by the already in extremely desperate council. The team investigates situations. It is estimated that the unlicensed money lenders on a team costs £3.6m to run but has national basis and supports the got £63 million-worth of illegal victims of these illegal lenders. The debts written off since 2004.” funding is allocated directly to the Gill Whittaker, regional team for their investigations, and organiser said: “The team has would have been brought more than diverted to regional 200 loan sharks Trading Standards to justice across services had the the UK, helping proposed cuts nearly 24,000 gone ahead. victims. We Joe Morgan, hope the GMB Regional government Secretary continues Birmingham and to maintain West ZY[H[[œZY8'\Bۙ]\H\H\Z[Y]HX[B[\ZYۈ]B[\Hۂ؜[SS Bܚ[\X[H\Y\][XXBܘXۂӐHUS)ܚX][[Y[ۈ\H[Y[HSS[XB[\^BXX\˸'B[\XHH[\˂[KY]™܈\]\BXܞHܚ\‚H[[ܙ\]\H\[KXXYH Y[X\وY8$š[Y[PY[X\8$Y[[X[X\ \Y[Y][HK\XYZ[\][ۈX[ [[]Y\Y[[][B؜وH[XZ[[ LMY[H\]\K\YۈH[ۙ]\]H[[[ܙ YXYH YY[X\Y[[Y\[˜HXZ܈\Y\]H\وBYX\HY[[Y\\HH\XB\\HHܚٛܘKYHوBYܚY\H܈ݙ\ YX\˂^H\HXYHY[[]˜ۜ[][ۈ]PPXYYœ\YH[HYX]ܜ[B][YH] ]\H\[Iœ[XZ[[ܚ\]HBY\]\KYZ[\]ܜ]BH\[\H]\H]\B[\ۋ[IX[Y[\X܋\\ۈ\[\HH[XZ[[œY[۝[YHH[\YY ]\\Y[[Y\HXYKP\X\Y]Y[X\\X\]HX\YZ\[\[ [ܝ\ܚ[][I]›X[Y[Y[X[K][Hܚ[›XZH\HX\[\Hݙ\Y SHTUTBY\[[Y؜š[H\ZY[˂˙X]\ZY˛ܙ˝Z BPK[W[  K[ BM ̌ M L