GMB Magazine GMB25 Centre Point Summer 2016 - Page 29

rs. Visit GMB online at TERMINALLY ILL employees protected Sandwell Council is the first local authority to sign up for the Dying to Work charter T hanks to discussions with GMB, Sandwell Council has become the first local authority to sign up for the voluntary employer charter created by the Dying to Work campaign, which seeks to support terminally ill employees who find themselves unprotected under current laws. Dying to Work will defend GMB members during the worst time of their lives, as well as helping to fight for a change in the law to protect those who are terminally ill. One of those involved in Dying to Work is member Jacci Woodcock, who turned to GMB for help after being horrified by her company's actions when she told them she was dying of cancer. “I was actually JACCI WOODCOCK astounded about what Founder of the Dying HR asked,” she says. to Work campaign. “It was all about capability, capability, capability – no concern for me as their employee and no apparent care that I was dying.” The council agreed to sign up for the out the campaign following talks between branch For more information ab ted, ec aff are u yo secretary Darren James, GMB regional campaign or if rep, al loc ur yo to ak spe please officer Gill Whittaker, and acting leader of it branch office or vis Sandwell Council, Steve Eling. As a bonus, k the council will be adding further support initiatives to assist employees. MORE INFORMATION We will remember them GMB commemorates International Workers’ Memorial Day Joe Morgan, GMB regional secretary, said: On 28 April, GMB members, activists, Labour “In 2015 the number of fatal injuries in the Party representatives and members of the workplace was 142 – this is 142 local community united in the too many. These figures grounds of St John the Baptist exclude road traffic Church, Halesowen, for the accidents, workers travelling annual commemoration of by air or sea, armed forces International Workers’ and also suicide, so the figure Memorial Day. – realistically – is a lot higher. More than 80 people “Over the last five years, attended the event, including the government has driven Labour MP Pat McFadden. S FLORAL TRIBUTE down the budget for the This year’s theme for the n. falle the for ers Flow Health & Safety Executive, day was Strong Laws / Strong labelling health and safety inspections Enforcement / Strong Unions, highlighting unnecessary red tape, and removing growing attacks across the world on health protection from millions of workers. and safety protections for workers. “We commemorate International Workers’ GMB released 100 balloons at the event, in Memorial Day to highlight and raise memory of all those killed and injured in their awareness, with the slogan ‘Remember the workplaces, and laid a wreath to dead, fight for the living!’” [Y[[ܘ]HHܚ\YZ\]\YH[YHXX\˂STQ‘P^\]\XXYܚ\˂Y\\ΈX[ Y]H^X]]H JB˙X]\ZY˛ܙ˝Z BPK[W[̎̎K[ B ̌ M LMB