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POLITICAL Eon T A D P U ti c a in GMB union L A C I T POLI ional t’s g e r B M cock, G es you on wha rea a e P e i n Stepha l officer, updat est Midlands a politica ing within the W happen BOOK CLUB The Eleanor Marx Book Club recently held a successful event to mark Eleanor Marx Day, with readings, entertainment and food. Rachel Holmes, author of Eleanor Marx’s biography, spoke about her book and took questions. HEART UNIONS WEEK Heart Unions Week was an opportunity to celebrate the great work done by workplace reps across the country and highlight why we oppose the Trade Union Act. The TUC organised what was the biggest workplace trade union meeting, with TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady and Eddie Izzard. It was livestreamed to workplaces across the country. We also hosted a workplace meeting with our Asda and Care branches at Regional Office in Halesowen. MARY MACARTHUR LECTURE Birmingham and West Midlands officers recently visited the European Parliament with Siôn Simon MEP. Waste not... Darren James, who works for Sandwell Council and is full-time secretary for GMB S85 Sandwell branch, recently took a trip to Brussels for a seminar about waste management and recycling. It featured talks from union members and experts from a range of EU countries. This is a sector that generally sees low pay, low-skilled work being done with poor health and safety standards, and so it would local services across the Black Country. You can read her write-up of our carers’ round table at: www.theguardian. com/commentisfree/2016/ mar/15/cuts-budget-carehomes-george-osborne DARREN JAMES Made a presentation to reps from across the EU. be essential to safeguard workers’ rights if recycling and waste management schemes were changed. The seminar featured discussions and ideas sessions, with Darren presenting a piece on how to organise workers in the sector. It was a perfect opportunity for him to pick up tips and skills and share them with other members working in councils across the country. © BRUSSELS VISIT The second annual Mary Macarthur Lecture was given by Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee. A workplace tour was also organised for Polly to see a variety of workplaces and 26 CENTRE POINT – GMB Birmingham and West Midlands GMB25.Centre_Point_26_27.indd 26 20/06/2016 15:18