GMB Magazine GMB25 Centre Point Summer 2016 - Page 19

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS AT K C A B T H G I F E TY It’s only by joining GMB, and gaining access to our UNIONLINE legal experts, that members can begin to claw back some kind of justice. ON THE ROPES Whether you work in construction, retail, security, a utility or the public sector, the resources that the government puts into looking after your health and safety, and your work environment, will have been cut. In some cases, drastically so. This situation will worsen as the economy recovers, with less experienced workers entering the workplace and potentially suffering more serious injuries. We know that while the recorded number of fatalities is at an historic low, the under- reporting of deaths and injuries hides the true scale of suffering and death. This is the tip of the iceberg. GMB members have died at work due to the failings of their employers. Every GMB region has a number of cases each year where members have been hurt at work, suffering life-changing illnesses and injuries that lower their quality of life. Many never work again. And yet stopping the accidents, removing hazards and preventing ill health would save the economy £14.2 billion. It would leave the need for austerity measures on the canvas. We know that good health is good business. The Health and Safety Executive has been promoting this for at least 15 years. GMB can prove that the presence of active health and safety reps halves the chances of serious injury at work. So it’s in everyone’s interest for GMB to have real punch when it comes to health, safety and the environment. The GMB H&S scorecard We know that the hidden costs – both human and economic – of mental and occupational health failings are severe… 142 Recorded fatalities – but the true figure, from disease and s \\]XY\L \H\H]Y[ L [ L X]™H\][ۘ[\X\HXXYX\8$[YH[\܈X\\X\K\ؙ\ܙ[]Y\X\\X[܈ [\[˂KH BZT˘H ܚ\XYH[BܚXXYX\ՑTTHӂ]8&\[YHYX˜YZ[ ]˂ܚ[^\[\˂M Hݙ\[HRXۛ^K˙Xܙ˝Z NBPK][ۘ[NNK[ NBK ̌ M MM‚