GMB Magazine GMB25 Centre Point Summer 2016 - Page 15

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS AT CRIMINALISE TAX EVASION Labour argues that these measures are too little, too late – and not all of them are new. Cameron’s much-trumpeted plan to criminalise tax evasion was announced in 2015, but never enacted. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says: “Labour’s Tax Transparency Enforcement Programme will stop the super-rich from hiding their wealth from legitimate taxes whilst the rest of us are told there is not enough money to pay for the public services we all rely on. “Under this government,” says McDonnell, “there has been one rule for the rich and another for the rest of us. Tax haven corruption is not just a tax issue – it drives at the very heart of our democrac H[]ܙYX[]K'BH]\X[[Z\[ۈ\[›]]\[ Y][[][ۘ[ZHH[[X^ۋ]H\ݙ\THHTPTBPY[X\&H؜[][[HXY]^\Xݙ\Y Y[KXKX[H\ܝ[Z[ݙ\[\وHܛ ][B&ܜH[\[\&KH\]H\Y ]\]X ]][Y[\][ۘ[[KXܜ\[ۈۙ\[H[ۙۂX[K[Y\ۈZ\YH]™\Hو[\[HX]H^ZT˘H []X\ [[ۂ'H^H\0š[[ZYR^Z]\HYX\8$XH˜[[]H˸'B[XX\XB^YY[0͌ Z[[ۋX\H\B^HXZHZ\ٚ][^H^\[H[Y\˂\[[H[Hو\[Y\™YY[Z\[ Y[Z[]^[Y\ZH\[[[^[X\ˈ]]8&\[ۛHH[ ]][\]Z\H[ UHY[X\]\[B]\X[\X[Y[\ݙHHYܛ\X[YH[YX[[ N Y^H[][X[HX\0M[[ۈ[][YH\[H[X[BH^]Y[K[Hۙ[[YHYX[YX[[[ZY^H\H[Y™[^[]؜Hܛ8&\ܙ\[Hو[[ۜ[][YHXXYX\\ˈ]Z\ۙHۛۙKو\K[\YH[ܜܘ]HXܙXBXܛHؙH[HZ[]BX]و[ ]HXX\]]H܂[H\\]\XK[X\\™[[H[HY]\HY܈B[[ۈ\[\\HܚY\˂SRTPUQSHX\H][]^H][ZY^[HH\و\^KX\&\^YB(ܘH[T[Y\\H]Z[و[BٙܙH[\Y[^H([ܙX\H\\\܈T[\Y]H[X[XX\وH]]XX[X[ۙXق[\\[H^\[[Y[و\[\\[X[H[]YX[¸(]\H8'[YXX[ۙ\\Y\\'H]X[[B[[X]Hۙ\\وܙZYۈ\[Y\[^BY܈۝X[H]\XXX܋˙Xܙ˝Z MBPK][ۘ[MMK˚[ MBMK ̌ M LN