GMB Magazine GMB25 Centre Point Summer 2016 - Page 13

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS AT Who has been compensated? Blacklisting was a national scandal and GMB has won compensation for GMB members across the GMB regions of the UK and Ireland. This map shows you where they are located, with the size of the dots representing the size of each pay-out r NORTHERN IRELAND 2 GMB members £65,000 SCOTLAND 31 GMB members £1,665,000 NORTH EAST 5 GMB members £150,000 NORTH WEST 13 GMB members £650,000 WEST MIDLANDS 2 GMB members £225,000 REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 5 GMB members £200,000 TOTAL 116 GMB members £5,340,000 © WHO DID THE BLACKLISTING? Blacklisting involved names being given to the Consulting Association by industry managers, which included information about union membership of the worker, political affiliation and where they stood on issues of health and safety in the workplace. Firms such as Sir Robert McAlpine were instrumental in getting the blacklist set up and other construction X[\YB[ܛX][ۈXYH^H[ ܂[ \K\YX[H]X[YYYܚ\Z[[YYܚ˂\[\[[\[][ۈ܂Y[X\P\ۈ[\HHB\[Y\[Y HY[\\[]]B܈HۜX[ۈ\\ZYSԒTHSHSPTMPY[X\‚͌ PTRQSPY[X\‚LMK STŒPY[X\‚PTTPY[X\‚L UTPY[X\‚̌MK ͌ ӑӂHPY[X\”UPTLPY[X\‚̍ NL \[Y\Y^B'HY[[¸'H[Y[][X]\YB\HXݙHH]ˈP\˜\H\H^HHX]و^HY[œY]HY[H\ٙ\YYK[XYY\ۈH]K[[ۂ[HY\[Z\[\H[[]\X\]H\HX][H[YY[\\Y]HY[[\Y܈B][وHZ[X[]B\Y\B[[\Z\XY]Y[\\][Y[Z[X[܈[BX]\H][XK'B[H[\HHB[XYH]\Y P]\BX\[\[Y\˸'BHY[[˜\\H\œݚY\و[H[ܛX][ۈ[܈Bو[\[Y\Y\H\[ق[][X][ۈو[ܛX][ۈ\[BZ\X\YY[X\H\›\][ۈوHۜ[[\X][ۋ^BB]\BXB[\\H܈H[Y]H[\] M[[H[X\Y[[]\Y\H\[ 'BNB^B™^HB[HXKP[\[Xܙ]\HZYš[]\ Kڍ]'H]HX\Y0KZ[[ۈو\XH܈PY[X\X\YH\[ۜX[ۂPTSHPR‚˙Xܙ˝Z L‚PK][ۘ[LL˚[ L‚ ̌ M MNL