GMB Magazine GMB25 Centre Point Summer 2016 - Page 11

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS AT TIM ROACH E SAYS cretary e S l a r e n e G your GMB m o r f d r o w A Building a 21st century GMB… I t was the proudest moment of my working life when I was elected to lead our great union. If you’d told the 17-year-old Tim Roache, when I started in the GMB post room in London more than three decades ago, that one day I’d be GMB General Secretary, I’d have asked you what you were smoking! Now as I write this, I’ve just finished giving my first GMB Congress speech as our General Secretary. What an incredible honour. I used the opportunity to lay out what I practically mean by building a 21st century union. For me, that means listening to our members and reps, understanding the threats and challenges we all face, and making sure our union is ready, able and eager to meet those challenges head on. Under my leadership, we will build an army of activists in workplaces right across the UK. Activists who are then supported, trained and skilled to look after our members in their hours of need. I recognise that people don’t join the GMB because the General Secretary gives a good speech… they join because a rep in their workplace asks them. A rep who has credibility and the respect of the workforce and who knows the challenges and threats in that workplace. Here’s the thing – the public agrees that trade unions are a force for good. We offer workers more security, safety, skill YX][ۂ[]\^KPTPQTTH]ۈ[\[^Bܘ[YY][HXK[[\^HXY\\ H[B[][[]X]H[[[KY[[HX[HZ[ܚ]H[]]\XZH\HX]\]H]\‘P&\[ H[Y^Hۙܙ\YX]BܝY[]^XH]P\܈\Y[X\]\H^K[]Z[H \[\HYH[[ۈYX[˂[HZ[]HH]ۈHXZ[^BYX8$XH]HY]YۈX[YYXH8$\Y[\[XZ[Y]\BY[X\]8&\\H\وx&[[XXH]XH[][X]B][H]ZX\[ۈ\Y\]\XB[\\܈\H[][[K[x&[YBYH[\[HZ[YZ[[۝[\]x&[H\[܂[\Y[[[ۜۋ\[HH[[\YHوHPXY^[H[x&[XZ]K\H[HH[][X]H[[YH][KY[x&\HۈXXXYݙ\\]œYH[]H]HZH8$]8&\\ۙH^Bx&[^H[XۈH^H^H\\΂˙XX˘KX[[ۂ\Hܛوܚ\[Y [P][Kx&[Z[H \[\H[[ۈ][^\]H\X[XH܈[K[\XYY\[B[Z[H[[\[][]K[[H܈[\Y[X\\XH[YHYK˙Xܙ˝Z LBPK][ۘ[LLK[ LB ̌ M MN ‚