GMB Magazine GMB25 Candid Summer 2016 - Page 7

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @GMBLondonRegion FORCE FOR CHANGE Jayaben Desai faces the police on the picket line in 1976. rofile ng. Hard lessons LEARNT 40 years on from the Grunwick dispute, Paul Kenny looks at its lasting legacy G runwick changed the way that unions thought about race, the best way to organise among the immigrant communities coming to Britain in the 70s, and the way unions thought about the law. It also warned of the coming storm. The ruthlessness and contempt shown by our foes; their use of private, ad hoc companies to break the strike and – for perhaps the first time – the savagely political use of policing to target strikers. A decade later, they’d come to dominate industrial relations, when Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph came to power. rk. ©Andrew Wiard INSTANT DISMISSAL Conditions at the Grunwick film processing plant were appalling. Management were bullies. Overtime was imposed at s