GMB Magazine GMB25 Candid Summer 2016 - Page 6

HEALTH & SAFETY m Keeping me bers safe COMMITTEE SUPPORT Members work to raise the profile of mental health and wellbeing. SAFETY FIRST GMB London H&S officer Shaun Graham sets out the Region’s health and safety at work priorities YOU’RE NOT ALONE The main thrust of the meeting was clear. There was concern over the need to raise the profile of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. We need to address problems fully, and ensure that all workplaces have a policy on dealing with health and wellbeing. Employers should not see this as a reason to dismiss workers and should understand the need to support those who suffer long- or short-term issues. In addition, we are reaching out to GMB members in those workplaces who have little or no support on health and safety matters. The message from the sub committee to those who fight every day to bring about change was clear: “You’re not alone. We want to support you in your daily struggle. Please get in touch.” POLITICAL AGENDA NEED ADVICE? GMB can help with advice on health and safety at work. Over the years, we have learned that NEVER FORGET industrial and political agendas are often On a final note, we have pledged to mark linked. To support GMB members everywhere International Workers’ Memorial Day every we will use our strength to year on 28 April. This important day challenge any attack on health highlights the necessity for health and and safety in the workplace. safety legislation in the workplace, We will challenge those who commemorating as it does those who have take our loved ones for granted died and been seriously injured at work. by placing them in dangerous Employers cannot take health and safety situations; whether they are for granted, and we at GMB will fight for the using changes to the law or protection of workers everywhere. simply ignoring the rights of workers. The European Referendum, if we were to leave, will no doubt t of health have an effect on the For advice on any aspec e, please lac rkp wo Tory government and and safety in the ndon Region its thoughts around get in touch with GMB Lo n Graham au Sh r ice health and safety – but health & safety off rest assured, the legal aspect of our on 020 8573 6969 or shaun.graham@gmb campaign is already planned out if this does happen. NEED ADVICE? 06 CANDID – GMB London GMB25.Candid_06_07.indd 6 09/06/2016 15:16 ©Andrew Wiard R ecently, GMB London Region launched the first of what we hope will be many health and safety sub committee meetings in the GMB Euston office. The attendance at this first meeting was well supported by branch officials and activists, all showing a fantastic passion for the world of health and safety, which is so important to us all.