GMB Magazine GMB25 Candid Summer 2016 - Page 5

Visit GMB online at ? MOVE TTO DIREC DEBIT K .U MB.ORG WWW.G Cambridge 2 branch says transferring members to direct debit is just what they needed T © he Trade Union Bill has gone through Parliament and is now an Act. Even though the government dropped the sections that would have stopped trade unionists working in the public sector from paying their union subscriptions by check-off, branches around the country are still getting their members to switch. It makes things much easier. “When we were asked to start transferring members from check-off to direct debit we thought it would be a fairly simple task,” said Lee Hillam, branch convenor at Cambridge 2. “However, after looking at the geographical spread and complexity of our membership we realised it would be no walk in the park.” With more than 3,000 public sector members to transfer, the branch received support from a GMB senior officer. Together, they developed a step-by-step approach and planned meetings with members in the workp X\ݙ\Y ]Y[HܚY ^H\YHX[][ۈق[][X][ۈY][Y[΂ܚ][H[]Y[[X]\XX] ]\[ܚX\\[YܚXH[ٙ\˂[]ܛ\[\[K[][ۘ[B]H^H[ ۝XYY[X\\XHHۙK^[[XZ[ ]\Y[ܛX][ۈۈܚXBYY][\[H\]˂\YXX]\H[X]KXX\[]]\XX\HHY] ۝XY[[[H\\Y[˜]H[\Y\[]B[ٙ\وY[X\&H]Z[˜ۙY[X[KBB‚[YY][Y[X\^HYYB^Z[YHYH[[ۈ[[B[Y]و]Z[[PY[X\\\[\H۝[ۙY[B^x&Y]HY^Z[H\XX] ][ؙ\[Xܙ]\KZY'H\[\H[\XˈY[X\\HX\YHH[YH›YY]][H]ܚˈٝ[Z\XYY\Hو\\][XYY[P[\[\ˈ[H]¸'Y[X\\H[YBX\YHܚ'BYY][H]‚ܚX\HHܝ[]H™\X\]۝X\HHXX\[H\XX[]\Y\˜[]HYX\ۈ]\][\[ 'B[XYH \][YH]X\HوܚXH۝X[š[Y[][ۜوXX\[۝X]\]Z\HY[\\]\[\]ˈو]Y[X\]H[Y[YH[][\H۝[Z[^[H[8&\[][X][ۜˈ][™\XX]\XYH[X\Y\܂Y[X\\[ YHZY8'Yx&]HX\Y[][[]]\H\H]\H\\H]Z[XB\]H\[ٙ\[ܘX\›ܝ[]HZ[]Y[X\[]Z[^\[ۙ\˸'BUUTPPHX[H[\PXY[ۈۂٙ\XX] [H[HBۂ   ̋܈]‹Zœ˜™B˂\][˜]B\BY ]]‚B˙Xܙ˝Z BPK[Y  K[ B ̌ M MN