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BN M G ACTIO nditions On pay and co u o y n Ca ? t i Q & B e t a i t o g e n o t in a h c Y I D r o f s l GMB cal on pay and conditions G year, raising the minimum wage to £7.20 an hour, but just for over-25s. Whatever Osborne’s intentions were, people are now suffering across many businesses and industries because the government is not monitoring how the NLW is being implemented. OPENING DOORS GMB regional organiser Michael Ainsley said: “We have noted press statements from B&Q that they will continue to negotiate with staff over a two-year period. I have written to B&Q CEO Michael Loeve twice calling on the company to open its doors, recognise GMB, and give employees a real voice if it is serious in wanting to negotiate a better package.” Of course, consulting with a staff association and negotiating with GMB are two completely different things – as staff associations can only nod through whatever fait-accompli they’re presented with. UNSCRUPULOUS ? The government promised a ‘step up in pay’ but that’s in tatters. Growing numbers of unscrupulous companies like B&Q are giving what is at best a step sideways in pay, but in many cases workers will be worse off. That’s why you’re better off in GMB. The government are signalling anything goes and it’s perfectly OK to rip up employment contracts and threaten dismissal. GMB will not accept inferior terms and will always campaign for members’ rights. © MB members working for B&Q, along with most of the public, thought they were about to benefit from an uplift in their pay thanks to the government’s introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW). But far from benefiting from a small uplift in their earnings, they’ve found it’s being more than offset by changes to their pay and conditions. A petition drafted by an anonymous B&Q employee accused the chain of slashing employee benefits. It has attracted more than 140,000 signatures. B&Q is removing time-anda-half pay for working Sundays and double time for bank holidays. It will restructure zone allowances for employees working in parts of the UK where the cost of living is higher and is removing summer and winter bonuses, which equate to six per cent of annual salary. Staff are being forced to accept the new WORSE OFF? terms and conditions or their B&Q have implemented National contracts will be terminated and Living Wage but made other cuts. they'll be offered new terms which are even worse. This is scandalous behaviour from a company which made a pre-tax profit of £512 million in 2015 and £644 million in 2014! GMB welcomes better pay for hard-working people, however the NLW will be of small comfort to members and their families if employers seek to undermine it by making changes that actually make them worse off. The NLW has been causing controversy since Chancellor George Osborne announced it last 04 CANDID – GMB London GMB25.Candid_04_05.indd 4 20/06/2016 15:28