GMB Magazine GMB25 Candid Summer 2016 - Page 3

In this issue... PAUL KENNY on Acting GMB Lond y Regional Secretar Winning justice London Region delegates led the debate at GMB Congress 2016 – find out more on page 8 4 Would you B&Q it? 18 Standing up for H&S The DIY retailer has hammered GMB members’ terms and conditions Our health and safety protections are taking body blows, and it’s time for us to fight back 5 The big switch 20 GMB financial report How one branch is successfully moving its members over to direct debit Plus some pensions advice for GMB members 6 Health and safety It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our special offer 23 Building a branch website Shaun Graham reports on the Region’s health and safety committee meeting, plus the Grunwick dispute remembered 24 UNIONLINE 8 Our Region at Congress 25 Member profile All the excitement, cameraderie and GMB business from Bournemouth 9 Congress report Jeremy Corbyn, Blacklisting, Hillsborough and more… How GMB member Nicola Clouden battles with a rare and painful allergy to water 26 Political update GMB’s Sadiq Khan is London mayor, and other victories! 28 Equalities update 11 Tim Roache speaks Fighting for equality for migrant workers, plus GMB stalwart John Cope remembered Why trade unions are a force for good 14 Tax dodgers 30 Notice board Paul Routledge on tax avoidance and the Tories GMB out and about in the community, and we say farewell to head of comms Rose Conroy 16 Pull-out map! GMB members in every region are keeping the UK’s power stations up and running On average union members are 16.7% better paid than nonmembers GMB members’ own legal service GMB membership covers you wherever you work GMB’s victory against the blacklisters page 12 UNIONLINE Your trade union law firm: 0300 333 0303 Not a GMB member? Join today GMB25.Candid_03.indd 3 No-one can stop you joining GMB Current Vacancies @GMB See about/gmb-jobopportunities Welcome to Candid, your London Region members’ magazine. When I stepped down as General Secretary in February this year, I never thought that my retirement would last less than a day. Yet sometimes life throws up very sad and difficult challenges and London Region has certainly had that brought home in the last few months. Paul Hayes, our Regional Secretary, has been unwell and been forced away from work for the last few months. Our very best wishes go to Paul for a full recovery. The Region has also suffered the loss of one its legends, the wonderful John Cope. HY[ۙYH[[ۚ\[[\ZYۙ\܂X[[XۛZX\XK]\Y\“ۙۈY[ۘ[Xܙ]\H[ NNLHYY YHH[\[ܘH]][YKY]B۝[YY\HHY[X\[B[[ۈ܈H^ YX\]\[ۋYB[H[[ۙ\\H\^\Y[H]\ˈH[X^[ܛ]\[\[\XHH[Y\X]HYY\[X\[ HY[ۈ\[YH\[\]HۜK]B[H[][H[]\[ˈH\[B[\Hۙ[\H]\[Y[˂HYH[[ۈ[\\Y [Z]]YۚYX[[\Y]\]X\ۈBYY\Y[]X[XHوܚ[œ[H\[[\ˈX[H]\YHZXY H\\[XXHوX\[YB[[ۈY[X\][HۜX[ۂ[\H[YHHXY]PX\[›Z[[ۜو[و\[][ۈ܂X[\ˈ]][ۙHHYY]B[\Y\[Y[HX[Z\HZ\ܚٛܘKH[[H\HYوBܚP][\Y܈\XK]H[YHوܚ][H]YHوBUHY[X\\Y\[[H\[ۛۋP\ۙ[\ZYۙY܈H]\X[܈ܚ\&HY[HYY[[]YZ[^]][ۋ\Y[H\]H\ۙ]\H[\\و\Y[X\˜[Z\[Z[Y\\ H\H][ܞB&[XZ[&H\HHHH\˂[[H܈[\Y[X\\وP[H\H\ܝ[]\ٝ[H\Y[HYZ[^]][ۋH\B[H]\XX]][\[\Y\]و[\[[ۈY[X\\ ]Z[و\[H[[YH\\YHۈYH K˙Xܙ˝Z ‚ ̌ M MN