GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 69

WANDERLUST Stortinget The parliament building “Stortinget” is home to the Norwegian National Assembly. The yellowish clinker building of the Swedish architect Emil Victor Langlet was opened in 1866. In 1950, the construction at Akersgata was built. The Norwegian Parliament has 169 seats for deputies. You can see the Royal Palace, National Theatre and various buildings belonging to the University of Oslo from the windows of the Parliament building. Culture Connoisseur If you a culture lover, you’ll find a treasure trove of activities in Oslo. From museum and art exhibitions to shopping showcasing handicrafts and from live music to the magnificent architectural style of the buildings, the city has it all. Kanonhallen Stortorvet Stortorver is a square located at the west of Oslo Cathedral. The square has become an important hub for public transportation with the introduction of the tramway. The place is still served by a station on the Oslo Tramway Stortorvet as well as buses. Kanonhallen at Loren is an old industrial building from the 1940’s. The rooms have an industrial character, with large windows, visible carrying columns and two old overhead cranes. It is a functional recording location for music, movies, TV or photo shoots. The capacity of the hall is 700 standing spectators.