GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 68

WANDERLUST Oslo a marvellous city to explore Text & Photos By Faizan Javed From lively urban cities to stunning architecture and scenery, Oslo is truly a paradise on earth. With its ideal temperature and unending dusk, Oslo in the mid summers is difficult to beat. As a tourist, you will see that past and modern city life go hand in hand. Their rich cultural life is inspired by local traditions and impulses from the outside world. In midsummer, daylight takes over, and there is no night darkness during the month of June and July. Whether you are passionate about nature, cultural pursuits or dining, the golden city has diverse delights to entice you. Aker Brygge South of the unassuming city hall lies a vibrant waterfront, known as Aker Brygge, which in summer is full of bustling outdoor restaurants and bars. It has a rich architecture style with a combination of old, venerable shipyard and modern style. Aker is one of the most visited places in Oslo with 12 million visitors each year. g Oslo City Shoppin Centre Oslo City has one of the biggest shopping centres in Norway. It hosts many prestigious labels and brand shops, famous caf├ęs and restaurants in one place.