GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 65

Sanaa Merchant A R T Text By Sadaf Hassan What sparked your interest in creating art and what inspires you? Art has always influenced society, instilling values and translating experiences across time and space, a means for interaction and dialogue with creative forms. My inspiration has come from my life here in the UAE where the culture and architecture has become a part of who I am, and I’m especially drawn to the Arabian themes, artefacts and geometrical patterns. works regardless of the subject. Do you think a formal education in art helps an artist? Formal education is always good in shaping basic techniques and forms, but I do not think it is an ultimate necessity as long as one has the aptitude to learn and explore continuously. A lot of people think one cannot survive by being a fulltime artist. How would you respond to that? An artist should always strive to adapt to the changes and norms taking pace in their surrounding and incorporate it well into their practises. Such changes help an artist grow and still be able to grasp on current practises. Adopting these changes, I do not see the reason why anyone would not survive; I am sure they will flourish. What is your art philosophy? Is there a message you convey with your artwork? I have always expressed my ideas through bold colours, expressions and forms through strokes and contrasts which closely relate the aesthetics through which people can express themselves. This has certainly allowed me to convey my thoughts, and most importantly, it has helped to communicate ideas as it brings us all together as humans to be able to understand each What has been the most challenging part of being an artist? other where words cannot go the distance. Most challenging part is figuring out whether the piece says everything that I want it to say. Often when I think an art work What sort of planning goes into creating a piece? is completed, I’ll reflect on it for a time before I sign it off just Whenever I am inspired I always create a visual value of the art to make sure I do not need to add anything to it. It is the wait work in terms of size, placement and the vision of it either by and observance that is most difficult. saving images or quick sketches with mock ups that eventually evolve into art works. Nevertheless sometimes there is no What advice would you give to aspiring artists? planning and straight on colours splashed on the art surfaces One should always believe in themselves regardless of what where it helps to experiment and discover creativity at its best. culture and society say; and to take one step at a time. What is your signature style? Bold colours and contrasts which are easily seen in most of my What is your art world pet peeve? "It's not free? Thanks." 65