GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 63

M U S I C As usual, you are back with something new. Please share with us the concept behind the naat you have just launched this Ramazan. Being an internationally known figure, I have a responsibility to take forward the message of peace and harmony of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the farthest reach of the globe, especially in today’s age when Islam is misunderstood in some parts of the world. The strength and concept of the naat is that it highlights the message of charity, sharing, empathy and love which is the true essence of Islam. The video is very different from what one normally gets to see for naats. What made you shoot it? Recording it was a very special moment for me as I have never done something on these lines before. The inspirational video, shot in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, focuses on colourful events, with the objective of displaying the true essence of the holy month of Ramazan that lies in piety, and in helping the needy and innocent children. I am hoping that my viewers will cherish it as much as I do. We see that you have chosen a number of kids to work in your video. How was your experience of working with kids this age? For some reason, I knew it would be a great experience. I have always enjoyed being around kids. I myself entered show business as a four-year-old child artiste in the first Pakistani English film "Beyond the Last Mountain". Working with children can be a great experience for both the child and the production team and we’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of talented children and young people for the naat. How did you pull off such an amazing video in the scorching summer of Karachi? Definitely, it was a tough situation when Karachi’s temperatures were at their peak but my entire hardworking team did not let any hurdles stop them. Not to forget any names, I would like to especially thank Pegasus Productions, SK Media, Shaista Irum Hamid, Zahid Hamid, Kamran Hamid, Sohail Keys, Shezan Saleem, Sohail Tabba and Danesh Dubash of Lucky One Mall, and Ahmed Jalbani for making this brilliant video possible and to Starlinks PR and Events for their continuous support. Your selection of clothing for the naat video is reflecting more the western culture than our society. Was this deliberate, and why? The idea was to wear one’s daily casual outfits when doing good, so as to drive home the point that we should not have stereotypical images of people who wish to further the cause of Islam and do good. You don’t have to be attired in a particular way to be a good Muslim. How do you feel after the response you have been getting from your viewers? After the outstanding response received on social media, especially on my Facebook page, where many people have been really appreciating my work and the concept of this naat, I’m feeling elated. I’m extremely happy that it’s going viral. Keeping in mind your highly successful journey so far, what is that unforgettable moment in your life that you feel truly marks a great achievement? I received the “One Man Industry Award” in Washington DC in front of 25000 people; it was a huge show and an unforgettable one for me! I still remember that night in vivid detail.