GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 58

No Party Unturned Dj Karan Makes Dubai Dance At His Fingertips What made you decide to become a DJ and how supportive were the people in your life? Truth be told, I didn’t actually ‘decide’ for or against it, it all just fell into place. I’ve come to love music in the most magical way and my world revolves around it. When I was younger, I had one prized possession I wouldn’t let anybody touch, an almost vintage cassette player. I think that little instrument set a fire in me then that is still burning. Growing up my family was my number one support. My parents enrolled me in music classes where I learnt the piano and the drums. The power to create my own music was addictive. I think it’s what ultimately let me down the path of DJ-ing. Which DJ do you feel most inspired by? Roger Sanchez, DJ Snake and DJ Obert have been very inspiring. But most people are almost never inspired by people in the same field, doing the same thing in their own way unique way. I for example draw inspiration from people old and new, that annoying tapping of shoes or clicking of pens, the places I’ve newly discovered and the sounds that lurk in its shadows. DJs are the thumping heart of the nightlife, and Dubai has some especially gifted DJs in its many clubs. DJ Karan Bhatia, who is consistently setting the tune for Bollywood club nights in the UAE for over 5 years, is in a class of his own and has been ranked #1 DJ in the Middle East. He gets that distinction through his versatility and ability to transcend genre distinctions to make a unique atmosphere for his crowd. Among the venues he’s played are People by Crystal, Cavalli Club, Armani and the Cirque Le Soir in Dubai. Gloss got a chance to talk to the renowned DJ about the never ending party that is his career. Text By Sadaf Hassan You are a household name in the nightlife of the UAE, but what are some cool gigs you have played outside the Middle East? From falling asleep in Dubai and waking up in Lebanon, launching a brand new clubbing experience in Buffalo, New York, headlining a bachelor party in Spain and pulling off a week long wedding with all-nighters in Bali, it’s safe to say that being a household name in the UAE comes at a cost. What are some venues and events that you would love to play someday? I would be humbled to play at Ushuaia Ibiza, Printworks London and Omnia NY someday. Dream big they say!