GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 56

members in every way possible so that nobody misses any sessions. We try our best to let everyone come in and see what Fit Bhangra is all. The playlist is the key to a good workout. What are your favourite songs to jam to? Music has the capacity to energise and increase endurance. Bhangra music, which we perform on, is so vibrant and energetic, and it releases your inner being to a higher level. It's very evident by how overjoyed the person is while doing bhangra. Music is one of the best motivators in the world. With the increased energy levels provided by heavy bhangra music, one is able to work out longer and harder. The body will start to hit new peaks, and that is hard to do without music. It results in an impact on the whole body, helping in all-around toning of your back, arms and shoulders. Doing cardio by stepping and tapping into the power of heavy Bhangra music helps in pushing one’s limits and acts as a motivational tool. Lately, Zumba trainers started have also started to use heavy Bollywood bhangra music to pump up their sessions. Over the past couple of months, we have bhangra’ed to new songs like Daru Badnam by Mankirt Aulakh; Illegal weapon by Jasmine Sandlas; Wonderland by Lakeeran; Do You Know by Diljit Dosanjh; Shape of You Bhangra Mix by Dj Frenzy, Koke by Sunanda Sharma; and some classic songs like Tera Yaar Bolda by Surjit Bindrakhia and Tere Tille Ton by Kuldeep Manak, among others. Some of our favourite songs are Yeah Baby by Garry Sandhu and Wonderland by Lakeeran. Where is Fit Bhangra going in terms of expanding and branching out? We have successfully ended season 1. It has been 4 months now since we started Fit Bhangra. We are planning and doing our best to reach as many as possible in Abu Dhabi. As bhangra is going viral all over the globe and since we are the first fitness related bhangra club, we have a lot enquires coming in from all over the Emirates. We definitely have thought about expanding to other places but as for now, we would be focusing more on growing and improving it in Abu Dhabi before we jump onto another location. We are open to and are welcoming of any sort of platforms that would be given to us in order to branch out or expand. What’s coming up soon for Fit Bhangra? After successful completion of season 1, we are all pumped up and ready for our next season. We will be back in August with lots of new exciting concepts and themes. We will be including a lot of props related to bhangra and fitness. We will be collaborating with events and will have a presence in upcoming promotional activities, stage shows. 56