GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 52

E X C L U S I V E Since more women are speaking out and want to be heard, this going there in order to sustain as we had to finish shooting our will help in becoming a voice for them. Furthermore, I hope scenes there. more girls will start riding or following their dreams and doing what they want to do without being sorry about it. Half an hour after arriving at the location, three people passed out due to lack of oxygen, we had to rush them to the hospital, Whats your take on the ‘khana khud garam karo’ controversy? so experiencing all of this was very new and fascinating for me. In my opinion, these things are very petty. We need to support each other. If we empower women so much, we need to do the After pack up, all of us dozed off in the car and as we headed same for men. downhill, all of us starting waking up one by one and it all felt like a dream because it was all so crazy, everyone was acting up. God has made a system where these two genders go hand in It sure was an experience to remember. hand, there are certain things that men do and women don’t and vice versa but, again what we are trying to do is finish this Whats in the pipeline for you after Motorcycle Girl? discrimination. Nothing as yet, but what I am looking forward to is a good vacation trip. Who doesn’t love some time off from work? Anyone should be able to cook or heat their own food, there is no big deal about it. Any advice to aspiring actors or girls who want to go on such trips? Any incident from the sets that you would like to share with In today’s world, we know that girls and women are changing us? their lives for the better. We are all about empowerment now. I think what I remember the most from the sets was our time at Khunjerab Pass. It is said that due to its altitude, people tend to We have so many girls doing so much already, so if there is have breathing problems and it is very cold there. something that you want to do, just go for it. There should be no second thoughts about it. Be it an adventurous trip or Since I hadn’t been to this side of the country, I was very excited getting a job, nobody should tell you what to do anymore. You about it. I was given certain instructions and guidelines before are your own boss, girls. 52