GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 47

E X C L U S I V E kind f spark Maya bought on camera would only look better on the big screen. Moreover, cinema is a medium through which you either radiate energy to the audience or you suck it in and radiating energy in a positive way is always welcomed on the big screen. This is exactly what happened when Maya auditioned for the role, we knew she was made for Anya's character. Maya: Definitely. What is your take on the Pakistani cinema? Ali: When it comes to movies, a lot of effort is put in by the entire team. Moreover, from what we see these days is people who are venturing into the field for the first time. Obviously, along with the hard work and investment put into each project Maya: First of all, I would like to add that when we were shooting is done with the intention to entertain the audience. In this case, for the film, I had a little fangirl moment where I felt like I I would give them the benefit of the doubt and move on from it. couldn't act in front of Ali, but he made sure that everyone was If movies did not do well during Eid-ul-Fitr, we can only hope comfortable and then continued. He explained how he wanted to what comes after is better. portray Anya - a strong headed girl who knew what she wanted. Noone makes a bad film, but what the critics and people who Before shooting any scene, Ali would explain how I should act want the 'Pakistani cinema to evolve' need to understand that it and bring Anya to life. Both Ahsan and Ali were very possessive is going to take time and if you are to criticise a movie, do it in a about every character in the movie. Moreover, it is the teamwork constructive creative manner so that it adds value to it. that paid off. From the writer to the producer and director, everybody put in equal efforts to bring all these characters to the It is very easy to write two paragraphs and destroy the movie, but audience. only someone who has been through the process will understand it. Furthermore, we need to have Ali, do you think working institutions and academies that multiple capacities on set train and teach people the proper compromised your acting? methodology of filmmaking. Ali: I would have preferred not to indulge in so many avenues Maya: When we make films, we and focus on my acting, usually put in our best by working hard because this is always preferred by and wholeheartedly. We do not an actor. However, I did not have worry about the movie being a hit that choice, but I tried to give it or a flop, it is up to the audience my best, hoping it won't affect my to decide that. However, criticising acting. excessively ne fW"v&2f"琦GW7G'&VfW"vVvPFwBF6Rf2W"VFV6RfVV0ƖRFFrvB6r2Fp֖G7BFRvr6G&fW'77&Fg&&ǗvCvVFRFBvffV7BFPvR6rFVvBFWvBF&ff6RV&W'2f"FVVf6VRFRVFV6R62&W@G&V&S7F6rFFRG&7VGW&RFVƓ&G6&VF7BFRgWGW&RגW"VFV6R2fW''WBR6v27Vg&W"7F7G2ג66RFW6gW6VB2vVFWFBrvBFWvBF6VR0fRv2&VV7&VFfR67G'V7FfRB6FfRWfVr2FWFwBfwW&RFBWBvR6ǒ6FVRFpFRv'7BFW2bגƖfRfR&6VBFRVvFfGWBvBvRFrf26WFVǒBǒf7W6rFR6FfGW7V6ǐvVrFRG'WFF266Rv6VBvRvvF6FRfSƓbRvBFvƲWBbFR6VFVVf2v@vB2W"FRFR&6GBbFVVfG&V&SR6VBvF6ƓWfW'&G2FR&vBFFvBFWvBBPFV"v66W2ƖfRfR6G&fW"S6bRvBFfRvBFRBvF6gVF2FFVƗfW"FR&W7BfW'6bvB6F&W7V7BFRVFW'FVB( FW66( fRF22vW&RR6VB&RFV66bF6RvFV6FVBF&6GBBF6Rv6PF7W'BBvWfW"FrFBFR2Fw2&V6RvG2FRVƖRf"RgFW"FRf&RV֖VBVRW7B֖vB&Vw&WB&6GFrƓFRFRvFג&V7G2ƖRFFFVגv@גv6RF( B'W6FFw2W7BƗfrגƖfPvFVVfG&V&RGf6RFR6W6Rf"7F6VR7FWBFRfRג6G&VBf֖ǒBvV@ƓR6FRf2FRvFFRFVFBW2FƖRF&RFR&V6BV6RFRvFFVB6PFRW"6Vf'v&Bg&W&RFFRWBWfVòBW7BvRƖRFRw&VBfFǒ'WBv&ǒ2vVFvW&RW"FVF2&P&vBR6ǒRf"FR&W7Bf6F2&Vf&R7F'B6Frf"( &WWBfR( C