GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 46

Ali, your film Deosai was supposed to be the first film to release from your production house but it never came out. What happened to it? Ali: Deosai was taken over by Teefa. Teefa was more exciting and manageable and I didn’t want to take chances with my first film. What sort of preparation went on for your roles? Ali: We rehearsed with each other because we were at completely different wavelengths when we started off, so it was all about getting to know each other first and building that chemistry between us. Maya: We rehearsed for 15-20 days straight and then we just went for it. Maya, what made you sign up for Teefa In Trouble? Maya: Definitely Ali Zafar and Ahsan Ali: We first worked to perfect Anya's role, Rahim. The good script was an added as it was very important for me. Since I am bonus. personally working towards empowering women, I wanted to portray Anya from Tell us about your respective roles in the that perspective. A strong headed girl movie? who is out there to achieve her dreams, in Ali: Teefa is a goon from androon shehr, contrast to what we see on TV these days, inner city, of Lahore and is hired to do where women are usually portrayed as the a task he has never done before. He does 'damsel in distress'. all the dirty jobs for Butt Sahab and for the first time he has been told to kidnap It was only after this we worked on the a girl. Teefa is freaked out as he has never character of Teefa. The biggest challenge, kidnapped anyone before but agrees to do in this case, was the physical endurance so anyway. and training- as I did not want any stunt doubles. Apart from a few sequences, I Maya: My role of Anya is that of a strong have done all the action sequences myself, headed girl, who knows whats good for her for which I trained for 3-6 months. This and not. Moreover, it is about the journey is because prior to the training, I suffered of how she met Teefa and the ‘adventures’ from a broken elbow and wrist, so getting from there. back into the regime was challenging. 46 The action sequences give a very Bollywood feel to them, how is it going to be different from what we have already seen? Ali: It is not exactly a Bollywood style of action, with Teefa In Trouble, we have experimented with Kung Fu, the action sequences are inspired more by the Japanese action style. What has been your fondest memory on the sets and how was it working with each other? Ali: It was really lovely working with Maya, for many reasons; especially because what she brought to Anya's character was more than what we had expected. We were looking for the female lead to bring a spark on-screen with this character and after the auditions, we concluded that the