GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 42

If you have ever had a window open while driving down a highway, you already have some idea of how the resistance is going to feel against your face. The view is jaw-dropping, to say the least, but it is best to keep that mouth locked up to avoid stray bugs and unwanted drooling. Time even seems to slow down as you get used to the feel of travelling at such a break-neck speed. You can swing slightly side-to-side to get an even better view as you 'fly' over the winding roads of Jebel Jais. Before you know it, you are already reaching the landing platform, the one-stop between the launching and exiting platform. Here, your traffic-cone-coloured hammock will be repacked and you will move on to a shorter zip line, one which you tackle in a seated position. The latter features a more constricted view as the view is largely marred by your hands gripping the harness hook, used to 'steer' to stop yourself from uncontrollably flailing around. After landing, it is time to hop back on the shuttle and head back to the Welcome Centre to drop off your suit and grab your footage and items. The team snaps a nice image of you in front of their world record and hands you your very own flight patch too. The entire experience costs Dh650 which jumps up to close to Dh800 if you rent the GoPro. Typically, it is best to be wearing athletic clothing for the activity but any comfy clothes should do the trick as I was just decked out in skinny jeans, flannel and a pair of converse. Is the experience worth the exuberant fee though? If my diligent research taught me anything, it is that there are definitely better options out there when it comes to zip lining for the view, but for a first-timer, what better way to check off a bucket list item than trying a record-setter? 42